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  1. Beta-testers for BGEE : The game is perfect !! BGEE at the release : over 1.200 bugs. It's the same mentality on Obsidian, Bioware, Bugthesda, Ubisoft.... The guys are happy 'cos they're "beta-testers", but in fact they're useless.
  2. Did you use the level scaling ? Otherwise you can apply some rules, like no use of soulbound items (or only one for the PC).
  3. This bug is fixed in the latest patch. For the others items, i don't know, i didn't use them at this time.
  4. In 1440x900, the dialogue window look like a game for iphone. POE vs POE2 : https://image.ibb.co/fGs2Ad/Capturzz1.jpg
  5. I agree... The font size is correct everywhere, except for the dialogues.
  6. - In resolution 1440x900 this window is too small. - No resizable (unlike POE). - Semi-transparency (no option to disable it). I've no problem with the texts on POE or DOS, however POE2 is nearly unplayable on my monitor.
  7. @Occursus, Boeroer and Gromnir. I have a feeling that the game was simplified (for the bioware community...) and for the time, I canceled my preorder on GOG. I'll take a decision after the release and the reviews.
  8. Bla bla bla bla.... In POE, mage, druid and priest are the most powerful classes. In POE2, they will be even more powerful.
  9. The spellcasters can cast their most powerful spells at each encounter, without thinking about the next encounter... But they're "more balanced" ?!? POE1 >> health / endurance + per rest / per encounter. POE2 >> "Auto-restore HP & MP". I don't want burn 45€ for a "sequel of dragon age".
  10. With this system, a mage of level 5 will be able to cast "50 bounding missiles" or "50 fireballs" by day !!... It's ridiculous. I understand that Obsidian love the bioware fans (they're numerou$$$...), but as for me, I just sent an email to GOG to cancel my pre-order.
  11. "Auto-restore HP & MP" just like in J-RPG ... For my part, I think the adventure will end with POE1.
  12. A fix for "Marked Prey" (45€ for a patch... I hope the file will be compatible). ^^
  13. There is an easy solution for fix this problem : Delete all sounds of commoners... In a radical way, you can also delete all sounds except those of companions and "player-generic" folders (voices for the PC & mercenaries).
  14. You can hide the action bar "under" the portraits bar... For unhide it, there is an icon near the portrait to the right.
  15. Yet my PC is nothing exceptional ... Intel core i3 @ 3.60 ghz / memory 4 GB Sapphire radeon HD 7850 - 2GB Seven 32/64 bits (2 partitions) To be honnest, at the end of the game, the loading times are a little longer, but it's the same for most RPG's (DOS, NWN2, etc...).
  16. Mid-range PC (year 2015) Interior 2-3 seconds, exterior 5-6 seconds. Optimize your PC or play on console.
  17. @JerekKruger You're probably right... In the D&D universe, the priests are totally devoted to their gods, but POE is not a "D&D game".
  18. Raedric is not a priest but the priests support Raedric, for them, he's a good servitor of Berath (cf Nedmar's dialog). Moreover, if we don't wear the robe, they attack us for protect this lord. Berath's dispositions : Stoic & Rational // Cruel & Passionate. Raedric = Cruel & Passionate // Stoic & Rational (exactly the opposite). Sorry but... In my point of view, the universe of POE is incoherent. In our world, God don't give +1 to our skills, so christians, jews or muslims don't respect "the dispositions".
  19. I agree but... > Hello, my name is Raedric. To resolve the Waidwen's Legacy, I'll kill all inhabitants of this village but I'm not cruel or passionate... I'm a "rational man". > Hello, I'm a goldpact knight... I'll kill you for a small fistful of gold, but I'm not aggressive. > Hello, I'm a priest of Magran. I'd like to burn all cities of all countries, but I'm not passionate (or just a little ?). Sometimes, it's hard to play RP in POE.
  20. The goldpact knights is a "mafia" and Skaen is the "god of the hate". So why "agressive" is an unfavorable dispostion for these orders ?!? "Passionate" is an unfavorable disposition for Berath and Magran ?!? Raedric and Durance are not passionate !?! It's a joke ? Due to these inconsistencies, does exist a way to modify the dispositions for the priests/paladins ?
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