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  1. Good point, that means a Paladin \ Rogue dual-wielding with riposte can be powerful.
  2. Build a tanky party that has lots of summons, buffs, heals and uses firearms
  3. Does anyone think single-handed pistols with the Rushed Reload modal is a good alternative to dual-wielding? e.g. you boost your mechanics throughout the party and get Scordeo's Trophy as soon as you enter Neketaka, and there you basically have a dual-wielding Superb weapon with bonus hit to crit if you take Single Handed weapons skill?
  4. Animal Companion: Is Active | Not ✔ | Action: Companion | Target Type: Enemy | Prioritize By: Nearest Target If you wish to conserve Bond, set another conditional for Ranger Resources.
  5. Your Faith and Conviction bonus will be impacted if you choose a paladin whose beliefs go against your choices, but I don't think this applies to party members so if you choose something other than paladin for your main character then you can do as you please.
  6. I thought people were reporting that the game is difficult enough now in POTD with scaling turned on? I'm finding it pretty challenging. The op says it's all about leveling being too quick and accuracy, but if the enemies are scaling along with you, surely that makes up for it?
  7. Please tell me in what way a drug that you have physically ingested is arcane and prone to being neutralised by a spell? If this isn't a bug, it's a disgusting nerf. I mean, come on; this should blatantly only affect spell buffs that have been cast on characters. If they need something to detoxify you, barbarians could have a bear hug skill to force the drugs back out of your digestive system.
  8. I can't think of a compelling min / max stat building reason to choose Human as starting race, and I don't see many / any other builds on this board where they've been used or suggested, outside of RP reasons. Humans should get something like 2 extra attribute points to assign at the character creation screen or an extra talent (yeah, I did get that idea from Legend of Grimrock).
  9. You can go toe to toe with them reliably with a level 16 Dragonslayer + foods. If you didn't get Blackwarden's Breast from the Iron Fort, it's trickier though.
  10. That's one thing I hope they've improved upon in the sequel: erm... loot in general, really, but more about WHEN and HOW you encounter loot. I can think of a number of ancient RPGs that allowed you to improve your lockpicking skill with... lockpicks for instance.
  11. It was me saying it's terrible, I'm aware you didn't make a direct comment on its virtues or lack thereof. You can't think it's that bad if you think it spoils the wonder of the game if someone reads up on it though.
  12. Knowing the ins and outs of a terrible random loot mechanic spoils the mystery and wonder of the game? They should have seeded the loot from the beginning then and made sure that each item drops at least once in the random containers.
  13. It sucks that the only hope of getting a Mechanics bonus is from a random drop, and that has survived 2 expansions + numerous patches. Just to tease us some more they also keep changing up the random loot mechanics.
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