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  1. i dont see any of the new abilities (only level 12). Do i need to start over, or just level up more?
  2. i noticed the same issue with my 2.0 save file. I also didn't see the "increased chant speed" ability, and i'm level 12...
  3. Against the Adra Dragon I have no Raw damage, so its tough. I was sending waves of 12 ogres at him but they hardly dent him and get killed about as fast as I can send them. I could probably eventually win that way but it's slow. Perhaps not the most OP build, a cipher might help.
  4. So ive been using a different chant on each character for buffs/debuffs. Are you saying the shield chant stacks?
  5. Oh I thought it did, but didn't really test. The damage is pretty absurd either way. If it doesn't work then that's an extra talent you get.
  6. The most OP build in the game that I have come across is 6 chanters with The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Whaled, and Scion of Flame. Every fight becomes easy. What's not to like about 6 AoE High Burn Damaging casts that don't hit party members, aren't restricted in use by engagements or rests (goes off multiple times per fight with no cast time so your guys can still use weapons), and has a large AoE. Who would not like to see the entire screen burst in to fire only to see piles of ash when the flames settle? Now since the damage of your party is completely under control and not nece
  7. Most effective party imo is 6 Chanters, all chanting The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Whaled and 1 buff/debuff each. 2-3 tanks up front, 3 ranged, Dump Dex. Get Phantoms, Knockback/Stun, Paralyze, Charms, you'll never be in a fight long enough to get a drake. Get Scion of Flame on all characters. Use Come Soft Winds of Death Level 1 - Level 8(?) when you get The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Whaled.
  8. Hey guys, I thought i'd tell you about my new party based around Guardians of the Galaxy, and see if I can get any suggestions for improvement, skills, or weapon suggestions etc. Starlord - Ranged Pistol Wielding Human Chanter (support) Rocket - Ranged Arquebus wielding Orlan Ranger (wolf pet named Cosmo) (dps) Groot - Nature Godlike Unarmed Monk (tank) Drax - Dual Dagger Wielding Aumaua Barbarian (dps) Gamora - Pale Elf Single Sword wielding Rogue (dps) Since there are only 5, I'm looking for suggestions on a 6th character. Thor?
  9. 6 Chanter Party is insane OP. For Act 1, your AoE Endurace Drain stacks and kills everything. Plus you can summon 6 phantoms. For Act 2 you get more chants and invocations (paralyze, stuns, etc). Then you get 6 Drakes and another AoE DoT.
  10. Submission (Competition #1) Caption: "In my awakening I had a vision of my past life. There was a golden eye, and they called me Bond, James Bond. For some reason I had a gun that only shot paint."
  11. I started a 6 Chanter party last night and beat act 1 potd pretty damn easy. I cleared the entire Temple of Eothas, kings, wisps, and all. I also walked straight in to Raedric Hold and killed the entire courtyard, walked in the front door and killed Raedric. I think I got about 14k gold, and I didn't even clear the entire castle. Killed the phantoms in Caed Nua first try. It just wrecks.
  12. That 6 chanter party from the other thread is good dps. I am cruising through every fight on PoTD. I sprinted to town, sold almost everything i had (robbed the wizard and sold all his stuff), and bought a full party of high might and intelligence dump dex moongod chanters at level 2. Give them all the Foe AoE -Endurace Drain chant because it stacks. Also get Summon Phantom so you can summon 6 of those. I rested, talked to the tree, then robbed the fighter for his chest piece and sabre. Then I freed the cook, killed the wolves, and ran up and killed the bear.
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