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  1. I get that you're just trying to make illustrative examples but you're making an awful lot of mechanical assumptions that simply aren't true or useful when comparing well optimized characters. For one thing, well-built 2 handed weapon users aren't actually twice as slow as dual wielders since you get no benefit from going below 0 recovery and once both builds have met or approach that benchmark you're left with a situation where a 2 hander is only ~15 frames or less slower than a dagger while offering longer interrupts. That actually makes it pretty dang hard to outdo endgame worthy two hander
  2. Illusions sound cool but the rest sounds pretty vanilla given my preferred rogue builds in POE skipped adding strikes and just used wounding shot and missile scrolls instead. I tried to cobble those guys into something cool, I really did, but like I said, the only thing that ever felt fun was grabbing Deathblows and pretending I had ranks in Use Magic Device.
  3. Personally, the only thing I really liked about Rogues in POE1 was deathblows. Its compatibility with non-weapon damage gave the class a much needed injection of versatility and I really enjoyed the idea that Rogues were at least as good as anyone at using scrolls, spellbinds and otherwise "cheating" their way to victory instead of just being flank monkeys. Did they build upon any of that at all or are the devs still fronting like the ability to attack from behind good is an adequate basis for an entire class? Because if they haven't I'm quite confident that rogues are going to be at the botto
  4. I feel like the key in the early game is just to be flexible and avoid prematurely throwing yourself into melee. After all, sneak attack is weapon agnostic and at low levels you haven't yet had an opportunity to sink a ton of talents, abilities and crafting supplies into any one particular style of combat anyway, so I never hesistate to shoot monsters right in the face if that's what the situation otherwise favors. That's why I'm a big fan of taking Runner's Wounding Shot and a big nasty ranged weapon in the early game even if the plan is to eventually spend most of my time dual wielding. Betw
  5. My preferred recipient in the No Barbarians & Monks division is Pallegina, so no argument there. Big reason I don't use it on rogues very often is because I don't use rogues very often despite my "canon" PC from release day being a Natlan rogue from Deadfire.
  6. Firebrand has been nasty for ages. Even when I don't build around it i still usually spend a fair amount of time with the Forgemaster's Gloves on a tanky character so that I can have a shield, a gun and a damage set without blowing any talents on it. The base damage is good enough that you can lay down the hurt quite nicely even without much talent or ability support.
  7. 1. Ciphers do just fine on PotD. The drawbacks of the focus re-balance that freaked people out were often hilariously overstated. If anything I like Ciphers better on PotD than I do other difficulties since fights last longer and Focus is a renewable resource. That makes them MVP candidates in the early game when spell slots are limited and whiffing on spells causes your Druid to spiritshift into a sad panda. 2. I actually rather like Durance's stat spread. It's not optimal past mid-game when you spend more time casting than wading into melee but I'd argue it's better than pumping Dex and
  8. 20/20 with no recovery penalty and some DR is a contender on anyone, really, although I'd miss the proofing you can get with other armors. If anything I'd probably put the uniforms on my backline while Kana, Pallegina and Eder rock some plate, Pike's Pride, Sun-Touched Mail or one of the good hide armors.
  9. FWIW, I forgot that the Binding Rope gives the same amount of Con as the hat, so that takes some of the shine off of things. I say this not to really denigrate the hat--It's still quite decent--but to again marvel at how stupidly good that damn Rope is. It could give a point of negative Con and I'd still be one of my favorite belts since the Stuck effect is so nice.
  10. Frankly, I've found that going all-in on a particular strategy is usually more likely to break the game in your favor rather than produce a party that suffers from too much redundancy. In the case of two rangers you get a healthy dose of synergy just by taking Predator's Sense with both characters and having someone in the party who is good with DoTs. Which is awful convenient because you can fulfill that last requirement just by having someone wield Tidefall, Drawn In Spring or Persistence, three weapons which are already among the finest weapons in the whole game anyway. Kana Rua's also a gr
  11. Maegfolc Skull is always an endgame contender but otherwise the hat is especially attractive to a Tidefall melee rogue that dumps both Will defense attributes and relies on Con and Draining to stay standing. The immunity effects help paper over the glaring weakness to Will targeting crowd control--which is especially deadly to such rogues because their self-healing is tied directly to their damage output--and the build was unlikely to go out of its way to bogart 3+ Resolve or Con items anyway, so getting solid boosts to both one slot is a nice bonus. It'd be nice if the Dexterity boost was hig
  12. I'd like to enter Spellblades into the race as a dark horse we should monitor. Blast is no Carnage, but it ain't bad, either, and neither is Deathblows. There's an alternate timeline somewhere in which implement wielding Rogue-Evokers and sneak attacking Ogre Assassins wreck everyone's weekend.
  13. Yeah, it's not a big deal, but it just vexes me because ideally it would be a good time to start dumping your wounds or spamming scrolls. Obviously you can still manage that by keeping an eye on your Endurance bar but still, consider me mildly annoyed when I'm running a monk and super annoyed when I'm running a Frenzy/Sanguine Plate build. Perhaps a low-int Tidefall human rogue, then, would work wonders. I've done this before and it works pretty well but unfortunately low Intellect rather hurts your Fighting Spirit duration. On PotD at least I actually prefer to keep Intellect a
  14. Just curious if there's some build I haven't thought of where they're really a standout. I usually pass on them since their racial ability and attribute scores come across as half-assed--lots of aggressive builds would cheerfully dump Resolve but Fighting Spirit is a DPS oriented ability that doesn't even display properly and is a pain to monitor. So the best I can really think of off the top of my head is a long pain monk, since they don't spend quite enough time at range OR getting punched in the face to make wood elves, moon or fire godlike into an absolute no brainer.
  15. Sorry, this is so late, but I'd recommend playing a Chanter with high Might and Intellect and "Come, come, soft winds of death" as your first phrase. That combined with Ancient Memories and Beloved of Spirits as your first talents will put your party in good position to grind out attrition victories in Story Time mode. Eventually you'll want to use "The Dragon Thrashed" as your phrase and then you'll really be in business.
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