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  1. the barbarian passive seems it's not stacking with other sources of +accuracy buffs? e.g. devotions for the faithful (priest). that seems odd, anyone else experience the same? i'm playing with the deadfire tweaks mods that changed accurate carnage to +8 from +5. maybe the mod bugged it up somehow?
  2. Sorry if this has been raised before, curious if anyone else experiencing a bug in turn-based where if you apply a Stun to a Might Resistant enemy, it downgrades it to a Daze like expected, but the daze will have a duration in real time. I started having to press pause in turn-based because I know while i'm thinking about my turn, some afflictions are being expired.
  3. not sure if it stacks but chanter has a party-wide AOE buff that gives +3 to penetration at late levels (but they also have a cheap -2 armor debuff that refreshes itself) or (granted this is a bit cheaty but) you can do what i do and modify the penetration mod from russian guy in the mods section to -10% per point of underpen
  4. welp. u can just rebuff. so we have a bug to counter another bug that originally was the counter. yay \o/ thx for help all
  5. Turn Based is fun but it has its own balance. Action speed or recovery speed means nothing in this because every1 gets 1 action per round regardless of speed, be it one swing or one spell. everyone wears the heaviest plate armor they can find. a whole slew of weapon categories are complete useless because you want big base weapon dmg w/ slow swing speeds, and you want to abuse broken modals that increase recovery speed bcuz u dont care about speed, u can take hits to your speeds as much as you like with 0 penalty to your dps. you always drop dexterity to 3 so now you are overflowing in points. you see the problem? do you still want to play?? But if you're still ok with that then turn-based can be a lot of fun. so long as you are also ok with the fact that hard crowd-control effects like stuns are completely busted in this mode. even a 0.1 second stun equals 1 round. so on most CC abilities you only need to graze the opponent to get full effect. the wizard spell Slicken is overpowered and should not be used since proning the enemy on their turn causes them to lose their turn In terms of bugs, not that many. The main bug for me is enemies sometimes wasting their turn doing nothing for no apparent reason (or sometimes pathing fails, stuck behind objects etc.) It doesn't happen super often, but when it does especially on hard fights, it feels like I was cheated out of my encounter experience :< The most egregious example of this is when it happens to bosses. especially the one that starts with K. that boss is completely broken atm. Also i noticed enemies drop off their afflictions that you have applied randomly, when it's not even their turn, but doesn't happen too often. Also wall of flame (and other 'wall' spells) are buggy atm because sometimes they tick in real time even though you are in turn-based mode. as for your party i think it's more than fine and will destroy this mode. i don't have specifics but generally, most builds will work except those that rely on fast recovery speed, (e.g. streetfighter). on the converse anything that penalized your recovery speed is now stronger (e.g. sharpshooter, evoker). single-class monks and barbarians are weaker imo. all martial classes are weaker relative to casters (bcuz 1 swing = 1 spell), dual-wield is also usually weaker, you can't make use of the passive or the swing speed. tactician is stronger, assassin is stronger. skald is weaker. anything that required lots of micro is now stronger. btw if you use the deadfire tweaks bundle of mods, arquebus might be too strong bcuz it was balanced for real time, so u may want to edit the files to make it in line again. (inside poe_2_deadfire_Arquebus.gamedatabundle) <--- this is what i did to a bunch of weapon modals to make them useable again also you might consider using Unity console to add the ability: 'Black Jacket' to all your characters because swapping weapons takes an entire round in this which u may find is too punishing and punishes martial classes even more, and they are already at a bad spot in this.
  6. yea use this https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/2 the install instructions were incomplete for me. if you install it as described in the instructions on the front page it may not work. after doing the install, you may also need to do this as described by fotzenfisch in the posts section: 1.Reset your Game. 2. Load the Main File, the optional File and the pillars.py File that Etherealwarlock posted. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/7112276-unity-console-for-poe2-30-bugs/ 3. unpack the Main File in Steam/steamapps/common/Pillars of Eternity. 4. unpack the Optional File in the same Folder and Replace the old Plugins Folder with the new you got from unpacking. 5. Use the Link that EtherealWarlock send and download the File Pillars.py 6 Unpack it in the Plugins Folder Pillars of EternityII/Plugins/Console/Lib and replace the old Pillars.py 7. Now drag the Pillars of EternityII.exe onto the IPA Data, it should morphe a new Image now you are Done and everytime you start the game there should open a Window. On the right Side of the screen is a Reveal Button that you can press to let it show you the cheats when you go to your characters font.
  7. This ability is a real threat to my party since it prevents buffs yes but also stops all your heal-over-time effects. and with suppress affliction bugged atm there's no obvious counter-play! Only thing I've found is a priest tier 7 spell that reduces hostile effects by 1 round. also monks. but only if you are a monk
  8. there's a perception immunity food buff that's quite cheap i think. its craftable and all the mats can be bought there's also a all mind-affliction immunity food buff somewhere in there, also craftable. i could tell you what they're called if i have the game open but I don't :< if you look under Foods (incredible) it should be in there. apologize if i am mistaken
  9. now that we know support for this game has ended, wondering how difficult would it be to change via mods, afflictions to round down to 0 if the duration is less than 6 seconds? because right now afflictions always last 1 round even if it's a 0.1 second stun. So you can always reliably CC things since you only need to graze them. I think those short afflictions should only transpire if you beat the 50 on the dice roll. i.e. a 'Hit', as opposed to a graze. that alone would do tons to balancing the power of hard CCs in turn-based. (you might need some Intellect investment to bump those 4sec stuns up to 6 seconds, which I consider to be a fair trade-off) unfortunately my visual studio code keeps crashing when I try to reformat any of the larger gamedatabundles to JSON, so i couldnt figure out where the relevant code could be :< (if it is in there at all)
  10. Do they become untargetable for 3 rounds but only dazed? or do u just become immune to it same with stasis shell from cipher one more question! are knock backs (or push) considered an interrupt? and if i push an engaged target, do they take a disengagement attack from my allies? thx
  11. I get that when you hit a charmed enemy creature they sometimes break out, but I notice sometimes they break out on their own. just now, I was aiming a buff spell on my priest as soon as I hovered my cursor over the charmed monster it broke out of the charm! right before my eyes. (and that's hover, not click). 99% sure this is a bug. this got nothing to do with Intellect Affliction resistance right? Also another question, is there any way to improve my bloodmage's chance of restoring spells when using sacrifice? i keep failing my lvl 6 restores :<
  12. i rolled a debonaire rogue, he's supposed to hit charmed enemies with bonus hit-to-crit. but how do i actually target the green circle charmed enemies?? you can't auto-attack them cuz the game says they are allies, even when i right click, the character just walks up to them thinking it's a move command. atm i have to expend guile for a special attack to actually hit them :< any idea?
  13. Obviously I agree. Mod communities create stuff very quickly. The presence of mods had a huge impact on how I enjoyed previous RPGs I've experienced. With mods, you can re-experience your Pillars several times over, each time in a different flavour. I think it is no-brainer.
  14. Actually I would not mind a spectator mode where visitors are allowed to observe another player's game and even allowed small amount of input, like exclusive control over one character. Or you can set it so that it's pure spectator mode only. But I guess by saying something like this I'll make a lot of fogies very angry. Well i'm sorry then for tampering with YOUR game. (not really)
  15. It's kind of sad you had to make a ranking for Act 1 only. But I suppose a ranking of classes for the whole game would be moot, seeing as they all have their own uses.
  16. If you are building around having classes that inflict conditions to boost your rogue, don't just have one rogue. Have 2 or 3 rogues. If you're planning on bringing classes that inflict conditionals anyway, why not take further advantage of it. I think it is a mistake to bring just one rogue (unless you don't have space or you think it will trivialize the game too much). In another run say you have a self-imposed rule: No-Casters. Then Rangers will be better imo.
  17. Hey you said something about how Torment's Reach has no recovery so you can spam it. Is that for a monk wearing no armour only? Because my main tank monk takes ages in between torment's reaches. Probably several seconds because of his heavy armour. (also he has low Dex)
  18. Also what struck me as odd is, why is there no test data for Rogue hitting without any conditionals? (where no sneak attacks was possible) Even if only 10% to 15% of the rogue's shots were struck without sneak attack in an average playthrough, that still has to be accounted for.
  19. Do you HAVE to use penetrating shot when wielding an Arquebus? I think it will lower your damage more than it will improve it. Swift Aim's 1.2 attack speed and 1.5 reload speed for only -2 accuracy is still a lot. For the Arquebus, 194 reload frames reduced to 129.33, that's a 33% improvement. 125 total attack frames reduced to 104, for a 16.8% improvement. So a total of around 26.5% overall improvement to DPS for those 2 talents. (swift aim and swift & steady). And that's without conditionals. It's just not a fair test to say, I'll drop these 2 core ranger talents and DING. Results. Also that sample size... it's just horrible. Who cares how many critical hits you can get in two dozen volleys. What about hits, grazes, and misses? In PoTD the casters do have problems consistently applying debuffs to enemies because of ultra high saves. Also in the first place, you are building a party around the rogue in order to boost his damage. The ranger doesn't need specific classes in his group to function. They pull their weight regardless of their group composition.
  20. Soloing is all about that kiting and bugging up the AI and splitting large groups into small groups. Even monks do it. What I don't get is how you do the early levels before storms? That Dex is going to be absolutely crucial to get all your AoE over time spells onto the ground, before the mobs come crush you. And definitely light armour. So Tanglefoot (to debuff reflex), then spam Autumn's Decay? And throw in storms when you get storms. How to deal with enemy debuffs? Also please IEMod, then at the console input, type: "Rest", between fights as needed. Preserve your sanity.
  21. Basically playing the way many other builds play. turn on the IE Mod option "Fixes Move Recovery Rate", and with the high movement speed, kite and snipe. Run until mobs de-agro, or until the AI bugs. then fight in small numbers. Also buys him enough time to use invocations for summons. Melee mobs should never touch him. I don't understand why he's taking Ancient Memory. Such a bad talent. If I was playing, I would change the stat distribution. I'm surprised he's not recommending the +fort +will chant. I think that would be essential. Maybe the Rime and Frost song?
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