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  1. I don't agree. Barbs have terrible survivability. Low deflection and everyone knows what a joke constitution/endurance is. Most min max builds dump it for something else like more damage or deflection. Barbs have low deflection and are very poor at tanking. They have pretty poor accuracy as well. They don't crit often at all, and mine misses strikes often. They have penalties to accuracy for carnage. Most of their talents and abilities are useless. Brute force, threatening presence, yell, shout, wild sprint, vengeful defeat(relying on being taken out of a fight to do damage isn't smart with or with out second chance) Heart of Fury is what? A once per rest attack that adds 25% damage? Barbaric blow is ok, but with barbs low accuracy I either don't land it so it is wasted or I don't crit. Barbs seem better off with just normal damage increase modifiers imo. Thick skinned is a meh defensive ability. Accurate carnage and barbaric blow are the only talents worth taking imo. Stalwart defiance seems good but savage defiance is so good that it doesn't need the added bonus. What good will 10 extra deflection do me for 10 seconds while I am able to regen all my endurance at the same time? And greater frenzy only adds another 6% damage to frenzy. His best abilites are blooded. bloodlust, frenzy, savage defiance, and OSA. Frenzy and Savage Defiance are once per encounter. Frenzy adds a little damage but its best attribute is the added attack speed. Defiance helps with survivability. Bloodlust, blooded, and OSA are all conditional. Blooded you must be under 50% endurance to gain 25% damage, that is ok I wouldn't say it's great because I don't want to be under 50% endurance and once I try to heal I lose my damage bonus. Bloodlust is good but there must be at least 3 opponents for it to be worth anything, since you have to kill 2 yourself with a third being around for you to hopefully use this buff on. And OSA is his best skill. Adds 20 damage flat currently. But you must be engaged by at least 2 enemies. And you are restricted to melee essentially. Rogue can do melee or ranged. And it seems much easier to ensure a Rogues conditionals are met in combat especially with a party. That said I really do enjoy the Barb in this game. Hope some of his talents and abilities are looked at and changed for the better as I am sure a lot of other classes could use the same treatment.
  2. I am sure it is the same for all clases. Barbs have brute force, threatening presence, yell, shout, thick skinned is meh at best.
  3. It gives access to two accurate fast weapons, exactly what we want with damage bonus, also no one else picks Wf: Noble and great weapons are limited. Runner up would be Wf: Ruffian, it's a strong alternative but becomes weaker if other party members hope to use some of those melee weapons. I was going to say but possibly the two best weapons for dw are in ruffian. Stiletto and sabre.
  4. I thought maybe the damagw over time enchant on tidefall would have gave it more dps vs the blade.
  5. I always make a rogue companion that I pump mechanics into. I think they can get about 8 mechanics by level 3. Plus another 2 from resting bonus.
  6. I think all you have to do for tidefall is get to the stronghold and take out Maerwald. Then go directly to that cave and clear it out. Seems pretty early in the game to me.
  7. Is the duration of the prone effect caused by a crit with Tall Grass affected by your intellect? If it is not I might swap your intellect and resolve, as getting interrupted with a pike is bad. No one plans on getting hit but it sure seems like it happens a lot If the choice is between dex and might, dex will add more damage. As a rogue you will have a lot of damage modifiers and all are additive. A higher dex gets you more attacks all of which are affected by all of you damage modifiers. As in you get 0.24 might, 0.5 sneak, 0.5 deathblow, 0.2 reckless, 0.2 savage, 0.45 superb for a total of 3.09 damage multiplier at 1.24 attack rate with 18 might and dex for 3.83 damage per base attack speed . A 17 might and 19 dex gets you 3.06 at 1.27 attack rate for 3.88 damage per base attack speed. The more modifiers that are present the less importance there is on might. It matters most in the beginning when you do not have all of the damage modals nor expert weapons. So then for say a barbarian it would be wisest to invest heavily in Dex and Int. You could leave might at 10 and invest the rest in resolve or perception to help with survivability? Your just basically giving up a 30% damage modifier for survivability and there are plenty other damage modifier to take. And is it best to take fast or slow 2 handed? I also read that 2 weapon style only affects recovery and not attack speed. Also for 2 handers. Is Tidefall better than any estoc because of enchants? Better than say b lade of endless paths?
  8. Are you saying that might and weapon quality damage are insignificant? As in might is not very useful and can be dumped for a melee dps class?
  9. Well looks like it might be reroll time once again. Lmao. Any opinion on any of those other talents?
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