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  1. What do you mean bland...Xoti talks like she's having an orgasm while smoking some good weed half the bloody time and then there are the times she really gets going ..... talk about over doing it.
  2. How is the game better ? The combat is boring as hell, the maps are small and really take away the concept of exploration, the world map is a text based "Press NEXT to continue and collect some random crap " , ship combat is not even worth mentioning, leveling up never felt less exciting, items are a big meh... Sure you have voiced dialogue , and some interesting stories here and there but it all feels waaay too disconnected and i end up wondering " why am i going after that ship .... eh some bounty given by whom ? oh well, lets play the same boarding ship combat the n-th time and move on "
  3. The world map in HOMM is a lot more interesting to explore. In Deafire i keep collecting fruits and water and random events that have you snoozing until you reach a dungeon that takes you 5 minutes to complete...... It's nice they try to evolve the genre,but don't but out major things to add stuff that is not properly fleshed out.
  4. Then perhaps the game should have been called Deadfire : Pirate's life. We went in expecting something and got a big YYYARRRR. It's not bad, but it's not what we paid for, at least in my case.
  5. Exploring deserted islands to get some fruit .... which will be eaten by the time i finish with the exploration by the crew. Fighting the same ship boarding battle over and over ( because the ship battles are even more trash ) until it becomes a chore. Fighting some random bounty target on a small map arena without any setup or relevance. Tons of ship bounties becuase you MUST LOVE the ship system, right ? They took a potentially great RPG with nice improvements from the first one and just stuck it in a pirate simulator which fails even more than Pirates of the Carribean ..... and i mean the last ones of the series. I know we must all strive to innovate and stuff, but they just threw it out the bloody window.
  6. The question is, why would i care about Thaos ? He said some mambo-jumbo near a big statue and i have nightmares or stuff ? Is that reason enough for some dude who is(or wants to be ) a farmer to go fighting trolls ?
  7. In BG2 you spend the first part of the game gathering a party to help you get revenge/save Imoen/both, and you tell them that from the start. You explore to find someone who can help you track Irenicus down and do odd jobs to help you fund said expedition. I am curious if Deadfire gives you the same sense of purpose in the first half , the first game certainly did not.
  8. I for one found the story in the first game just meh. It was interesting to learn about the new world they setup, some history and religion ,etc. But your character really has NO reasons to go chasing some peeps because he has nightmares. And if curiosity was a good enough reason, it would have died quickly when finding a decrepit keep full of angry spirits and a dungeon crawling with monsters. Hell, half way through the game i actually opened the journal to try and remember what the main quest was. You do get an explanation in the final chapter that somewhat ties it all together but for the most part the story is weaker than what IWD 1/2 threw at you, and those were combat focused games. At least the second game starts with a giant god stomping your keep and ppl, which is a good enough reason to go chase his ass. Lets hope that you don't just forget that after 10 hours while you go painting your ship pink.
  9. If you must have a high difficulty like NOW, just play with "white" weapons , see how that goes
  10. In fact , why do you even care about the background math of THACO vs AC ? You just need to know it represents your to-hit-chance so keep it as high as possible, and you AC you defense vs getting whacked, so keep improving that as well , profit !!!
  11. The limited number of times you can rest would make sense if you were locked in a dungeon after entering ; that way you had a certain number of resources + what you can find on the way to finish a number of challenges. It would have made things more interesting on higher difficutlies whiloe leaving the lower ones alone. As it is right now it's just an inconvenience really....
  12. I beat the game on Hard, never having played it before in beta or on another dif, using a druid main charn and the companions, so no min-maxing party , and it was a snooz fest after the first few fights in the Temple of Eothas. Did not use a single potion/scroll/consumable/food , never felt i neded to , spamming a few CC spells and then autoattacking with ranged weapons was planty enough ( even used Pallegina with a spear because ... reasons ) Don't think that PotD is that much of a diff, you maybe need to rest a bit more between fights ( on hard i only rested in a dungeon before a boss, and more often than not just because i'm used to doing that in RPG's ) . This made the game kind of boring, on the combat side, did not even bother with Endless Paths beyond level 3 , was level 12 already , could not bear 50 more snoozin fights to get to one bad ass dragon. To the people who say BG2 was full of cheeses and stuff, did they beat it that easy the first time they played it, without checking out guides for imba builds or items or tips, etc ? I remember when i had to read every spell description to see what i could use vs various enemies, the feeling of finding a legendary item or crafting one after gathering pieces for 30 hours, leaving an area well alone until wayy later ,etc ( again, don't come here with your "i beat the whole game with kensai/mage solo"after reading 50 guides made by other people - this is about the first time you get into a game )
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