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  1. I disagree strongly with the "nerfing" mentality. The game has to be balanced on harder difficulties? Sure! But the player SHOULD feel empowered at higher levels, that's kinda of the purpose to leveling up. If the game makes you grind just so you can keep up with the challenges something is kinda wrong... That said i think the encounters should be made more challenging, more enemies, more aggressive enemies, SMARTER enemies who use THEIR abilities and spells into a greater degree. I'm really hoping this game doesn't get the "Blizzard treatment" where the strong gets nerfed into the oblivion just for the sake of "balancing". If some multiplayer game balancing logic should be applied i think it should be Dota 2's one, where "keep the strong there and buff/rework the weak options until it gets good enough". The player should have MORE options, not less. And the game should be balanced around it.
  2. thought about doing it but postponed hahaah. Maybe tomorrow <3
  3. So, I'm here to fulfill your nonexistent desire for Final Fantasy Tactics Styled Portraits for Deadfire. Why, you ask? Because i love Akihiko Yoshida's art style was thinking about to do a full tryhard custom party, and thought about to male it FFT based. Maybe i'm not so sane, but hey, it's my spare time haha. Without further ado, here they are: Enjoy and don't do drugs, kids
  4. I really liked the narrator, I felt like in the first PoE the details on the conversation were lost because the narrator would just suppress it. The fact that Ashley Narrated the whole thing it's just a big plus.
  5. Aaaannnnd... While i'm not playing (waiting for more patches to do a more detailed run) I'm just killing time with some more portraits :D This time i was trying to make some less "Happy Twinkle nature thingy" Female Nature Godlikes: A more "dark" approach; An amazing one i found snooping around: And a Female "Dwarf" (she's not really a dwarf, but can fit into one :D). I really love this illustration:
  6. Bigger doesn't always means better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) In a more serious note: Bigger doesn't always means better. The game is filled to the brim with content, Josh said the critical path was purposely shorter than the previous game, as they feel that the longer the story goes, more bloated it gets. On the other hand they put MUCH more content on the game in terms of sidequests and objectives... So i don't see any problem. I don't like this trend we get that every game should have 100 obligatory hours of gameplay. Most of the time it results on pedantic and convoluted stories that try to sound smart but are really half assed.
  7. Its not. As I keep saying, Wizard buffs make the wizard stupidly tanky. My Soul Blade/ Generalist (a pure caster) is the tankiest member of my party. :D i guess i found my combo then.
  8. So, i was toying around with some images in my stash and ended up doing some more (since i'm waiting for some patching before i start a detailed run): Two new options for Nott (gosh i love this character! haha): The Nameless One (not truly satisfied with this one, but it's kinda hard to find a good illustration from TNO in a style that resembles PoE): And a little request from @aeoncs Unfortunately i cannot take requests for portraits (if you happened to like the ones i made) since i cannot compromise into doing then, my daily job is kinda random about the hours so i would feel bad to take a request and just keep you guys waiting for an eternity. Once again sorry for any grammar mistakes
  9. Portraiting <3

  10. I'm really trying to make a trickster to work out. Trickster/Wizard (Generalist) seems good but too frail. Trickster/Illusionist solves some of the fragility problems, but seems to render the character kinda weak, ill have to try it out. On the other hand i tought about rogue Cipher: Trickster/Soulblade looks like a solid option, ill DEFINITELY try it out soon. Hope is not as glassy as Trickster/wiz.
  11. I feel it's ALREADY a very solid game, but with some bugs and imbalances here and there. Still i think that Obsidian has a history of good patching and long term care for her titles (at least PoE1 was very good on this regard) so i'm really excited for the next changes, as well with the upcoming DLCs <3
  12. I'm trying to figure it out too. I really like the flavor from trickster Illusionist, but it feel like a waste of a character slot haha. I'm not a big fan of the edginess from a Assassin/Evoker and i really dislike the Nature Godlike appearance. So, i guess, no powerbuilding for me here
  13. Completely agree! I feel that the changes should reflect the quest itself, not some arbitrary choice made by the player. Maybe i express myself in a wrong way, or left this detail from my idea too vague. gonna edit on the original post! Thanks! Edit: Sorry! Can some mod change it to the correct forum?
  14. So... I made a couple of portraits for my campaigns. I feel that they're not on par with some awesome work showed in this topic but i'll share anyway haha First Nott, from Critical Role: And Second there is a Roguish Dancer for a shadowdancer character I made:
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