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  1. I also fought and imprisoned him, only to have him escape shortly after maximizing my security!
  2. High security will not necessarily help. I maxed my security, yet suffer from similar unavoidable jailbreaks. No amount of loading and stronghold management seems to prevent it - even with security in the 50s and only a single prisoner for my jailor to watch!
  3. I'm seeing the same thing. Maximum security does not stop prison breaks, and I haven't found any other use for my prisoner. An option for recapturing escapees would be great - either via companion tasks or personally tracking him/her down. Does anyone know if it helps to have the jailor flog prisoners?
  4. Prison breaks are also getting me down. I nearly maxed my security, yet Gramrfel keeps giving me the slip, and no amount of reloads seem to prevent it. I'd jail my jailor for letting his only prisoner escape, but he'd probably also break out! I wouldn't mind so much if there was some way to ransom or otherwise use the prisoner, but nothing has come up. Gramrfel offers no conversation, no visitors have offered to buy prisoners, and the jailor only offers to flog him. At least an option for recapturing escapees would be nice, either as a "companion task" or doing it manually. Any advice?
  5. Has anyone tested if this bug was resolved by patch 1.03? I have never found anything in my treasury, neither tax money nor adventure rewards. (Despite multiple notifications that they were delivered to treasury.)
  6. Damn, that's a shame. Do taxes and adventure rewards appear in your treasury now, though? If that's at least fixed, I'm tempted to continue, and just ignore hirelings altogether. I mean, you can get by without hirelings, right?
  7. While I understand the sentiment of jarringly synched running, I enjoy the fact that party members keep the same speed. I wouldn't want fast but vulnerable companions to sprint ahead of my slow defenders, when I move around in a dungeon.
  8. Is there a more concrete, quantifiable explanation of this? Do you need to complete X number of quests, for a turn to pass?
  9. Conversation options is not only affected by "mental attributes", it appears to be affected by all attributes. E.g. high Might and Dexterity can enable unique choices, just like Intellect and Perception can.
  10. When do turns occur, anyway? It doesn't seem to be tied to actual time having passed in the game. I read somewhere that its somehow related to completing quests?
  11. While I love this game, I do agree on some points regarding armor. There's just little incentive to put any armor on characters that are away from the frontline, when these impose recovery penalties. This is very nitpicky, however - I do enjoy dressing my backline in fashionable clothing rather than armor, and you can still get punished when foes occasionally slip past your defenders.
  12. Indeed. Notifications informed me that taxes and adventure items were delivered to my treasury, on multiple occasions. Nothing ever shows up in the treasury, however.
  13. Same... sort of: My treasury is always empty. Notifications informed me that taxes and adventure items were delivered to my treasury, on multiple occasions. Nothing ever shows up in the treasury, however. I have yet to hire hirelings, but if their fees are deducted from the treasury, I'd imagine that bug would also occur. Same as the bug reported here, it would seem.
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