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  1. I didn't much care for DAI myself. I played it and finished but found it lacking on many levels. TEDIOUS sort of sums it up. Sure it was a pretty game and you had lots to do but the hand holding dumbed it down for all the dumb people who cant figure stuff out using their brain. quest markers are so lame.... Check out bioware forum and see how the PC community feels about the game..Over 650 negative posts and still counting
  2. If I don't choose to use any on a level up do I get to use them on next level up or not. Im just about to hit level 10 and want to save them for mechanics.
  3. I have the shield that grants shield bash but their isn't a command to use it.
  4. I have the shield that grants bash but there doesn't seem to be a choice to use the ability. Is this broken or is it some sort of passive effect?
  5. wow,I guess everyone just kills him huh? Ill give that a try then, He must drop something good.
  6. Is there any way to keep the wizard from escaping my prison. I tried twice and both times I got the prison break message.I want that gold reward for him darn it.
  7. Is it advisable to finish this quest or keep the shipment for that guy at night (that has a secret phrase)
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