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  1. This this this. I remember thinking how awesome it was the first time an enemy SCS mage cast magic missle against my mage that was casting Breach just so he could interupt him. Would be aweome if PoE had that kind of action
  2. This is by far the most important issue to me. BG SCS is an example of very intelligent enemy AI that not only creates interesting and challenging gameplay but also adds to immersion because enemies that are making smart decisions/adjustments kind of feel real. I really hope they come through with some good AI this time around.
  3. The indicators are a really nice addition, especially the accuracy indicator which is just awesome. How about an engangement range indicator?
  4. Here's mine for +50% exp req if using IE mod 4.10 (windows): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32777109/Games/Pillars%20of%20Eternity/Assembly-CSharp.dll Awesome, I'll have to try that one. Although IE mod has been updated since then so it may not work. Y'know, if +50% feels right (which it sounds like it would)... you might talk to bman about just putting that into IE mod as another checkbox toggle. That way it'll automatically stay updated with the mod. Yeah, a toggle for that in IE mod would be ideal. Maybe even a slider between 0 - 100 if he's able to do it.
  5. This is awesome. I was waiting for 1.5 before I gave PoE another go but now I am tempted to return early. I'm doing a first play through of IWD though and loving it so probably not :D Let us know how the rest goes
  6. The way I see it is there is little to no difference between the resting systems of old IE games and PoE. Resting in PoE is not limited in any meaningful way.
  7. Resting limits (properly balanced) should be enforced on the harder difficulties and loosely enforced or unenforced on the lower difficulties. If a player is feeling harassed by the resting limit then they switch to a lower difficulty.
  8. I know nothing of programming AI. Is something like this really complicated and difficult to do? Does it demand too much time and resources from the developers? I'm playing through SCS for the first time and loving the AI.
  9. Oh of course. At least until 1.05 drops and they (hopefully) reduce the XP gains from those massively. It'd be a shame to not be able to do them at all, as it sounds like they're fairly challenging pieces of content. You can do the bounties without gaining the exp. Make sure you don't pick up the bounty's head after killing them as this gives exp. Turning the bounty in gives a lot more exp as well. So you can do the fights and pick up the unique item they drop and as long as you don't pick up the bounty's head you won't be getting experience out of it. I only did a couple of them
  10. You can still do the bounties for the loot and not get any experience. Just don't pick up the bounty's head after you kill them because this gives exp. Turning the bounty in gives even more exp. I believe the bounty will drop a unique item every time but I'm not 100% sure as I only did a couple.
  11. So clever. Much sarcasm. Really though... You were in the Beta, no? You know what dramatic improvements they've made. This kind of exaggerated negativity just comes off as petulant at this point. I agree with his point though. I would advise OP to play BG1/2 and then pick up PoE when it's a bit more polished. PoE is a fantastic game, and I feel OP would be better off doing a play through later on when there aren't so many issues. I am considering dusting off my copy of BG2 and coming back to PoE after patch 1.05 so I can have a more enjoyable experience.
  12. PotD is painfully hard, but only at the beginning. Once you reach Defiance Bay, the difficulty drops big time. Just don't leave Defiance Bay early like a big boy and squad wipe like I did:D edit: unless you are good at this game. I am not.
  13. I cannot enter a console command. I can open up the console with ~ and type whatever I want in there, but after pressing enter again to input the command nothing happens. I type "iroll20s" and hit Enter... nothing... iroll20s is still there. It's as if the Enter key stops working when the console is up. I have searched everywhere to see if someone had a similar issue - nothing. I watched a Youtube video of someone inputting the command to see if I am doing something wrong... nope. Is it not the Enter key that inputs the command? My silent rage increases with each failed attempt.
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