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  1. The limerick was just so trivial. I don't understand how people on either side can go on post after post in multiple threads. Pick your battles? How do you people have the energy? Now I feel like a putz because I just got sucked into making this one post.
  2. It isn't a problem because I have my own fine rod. Pics of your fine rod please. The lady paladin is using my exceptional rod. I'll let her upgrade it to a superb rod, um, when she finds the eye of the dragon. Also this topic has gone really quiet so fast.
  3. I'm not as sure that I have the community on this, but I loved Baldur's Gate because I liked the story - Josh Sawyer said this is a game for people who like reading. I love the slow discovery of the the Archfoozle who I still don't know what he's up to. It's a lot like BG ONE which pulled my head around a few times (you only learn that that Sarevok is the antagonist late in the game, and don't understand his motives until even later). I don't enjoy the open games as much because I miss the feel of an all-important main quest; they aren't games 'for people who like reading'. I don't know
  4. The criticism 'I don't like to do many quests' is not valid for this game. This is what they sold. Man. This is Baldur's Gate nostalga. Everyone here loves questing.
  5. I always like that OP means two different things because anytime anyone refers to me as the OP I think 'yes, yes I am the op'.
  6. I've definitely noticed large differences between the distance when similar-level enemies notice your stealthed dudes. It's like I could get right next to wolves before they'd notice but oh no, not beetles, they'd spot me 20 feet away. I did not think of an explanation but I did not look hard into the problem.
  7. I really think that the combat is much improved from BG and BG2. The Sarevok fight was the only difficulty that I ever had in those at normal levels, and I never did anything but run at fools. So I cheated and summoned 8 Drizzts. So what. NWN and NWN2 and KOTOR and KOTOR2 were all even easier. Have you people just forgotten how easy those were, at least at normal levels? Everyone's complaining about these systems but they're vastly improved.
  8. Well I was just working in theory with that point because I haven't really tried rogues. Does anyone else feel dissapointed in the skills in general? At some point it's been just 'who gives a damn' except for one high mechanics guy.
  9. It just seems like there are a large percentage of posts that say that they don't like the game at all. We know that this isn't a representative sample because any poll that people run confirms that people are loving the game. And sales. And critic ratings. I read one guy who said that he didn't like the game because HE HAD TO SPAM THE SPACE BAR IN COMBAT. THAT IS INSANE. THAT IS AN INSANE REASON TO DISLIKE A REAL TIME PAUSE SYSTEM. The guy was probably just inexperienced at this type of game and I should ignore him. I guess i haven't joined too many internet bulletin boards
  10. I suspect that Luckmann is right about a higher level of play. I just run in with 6 fighter types and never position.
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