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  1. Can we build a party of exactly what we want? There is like 1000+ combinations of builds per character, why are we forced to play only with the predefined 5? I want to be able to edit every companion otherwise I will hire mercenaries.
  2. Thx for testing it. I dont think awakening storm is bugged. Its supossed to add onhit damage to your attack and wildstrike increases all damage components. This spell is designed to be used while shapeshifted because its scales with fast attacks. Also dont forget it deals damage to enemies who attack you too which is great aspect of this spell. Try starting battle with all storm spells (returning storm, relentless storm and awakening storm) and THEN spiritshift. Enemies will die around you while you are carnaging them with huge lightning aoe dps. Stuns from these spells will increase your acc even futher which means more crits. You can do this combo 4 times before having to rest which is nice. Stormcaller ranger would synergyse with it well. Actually spiritshift damage is very high on all levels. It is capable of critting for 70 damage on level 7 without any buffs (it happened to me) and have huge attack speed for whole game not just at the end like rogue when u get all these items and durgan steel. In fact druid doesnt require durgan steel so you can spend it on other chars which is great advantage. You need only 3 talents to start dishing out tons of damage so I think spiritshift druid will deal more dmg then rogue on all game phases. High int will make it last long enough and increase range of your carnage so its usefull stat in this build. Dont use SP it at the start of battle, cast 1 or 2 spells (storm spells) and when enemies get engaged by tanks then spiritshift and anihilate them. When you fight bosses just get close and cc them then use spiritshift and before it ends the boss will be dead.
  3. As I said in the beginning "Is it intended that shapeshifted druid deals 100dmg per hit with almost 0 recovery?". Spiritshift doesnt need any recovery reduction because its base recovery is so short that any other buff would make very little difference. I though potion and frenzy buff stack tho, wasnt sure about cat buff. I am using stag for the carnage which synegises so well with high int. I dont know how hard it is to get 0 recovery speed on rogue because I barely use him, but there are pretty good chances spiritshift would still attack faster because of animation speed. It would need some testing. Even if you could passively achieve 0 recovery on rogue you cant ignore the fact, that spiritshift deals MUCH more damage and with carnage its AOE. If you have geared rogue in your team go ahead and test this: 1. Create 16 level druid using console maxed dex and might rest points to per and int, give him all shock damage talents (including hearth of storm), 2 weapon style, all accuracy talents (paesant,+4 acc aura etc), frenzy and savage attack. (does unarmed damage talent work with druid?) 2. Give him all items you have that would boost his spiritshift damage like wildstrike belt 3. Cast level 8 druid lightning spell buff (sorry cant tell the name I am not playing in english language), cast frenzy and spiritshift 4. Attack your target 5. Now attack the same target with your rogue and compare the results I cant test it because I sacraficed my rogue companion (cuz druid was much better) and it would be difficult to bring all the items required with console. My rogue didnt have 0 recovery but was very close to. Maybe you can explain how u achieved 0 recovery without using any expensive sources (expensive = per rest, potions etc). Edit: the item I use to reset spiritshift is soulbound scepter. Most encounters require just 1 spiritshift anyways.
  4. It isn't. If you don't take Vulnerable Attack, you can sip a potion of DAOM and sum the talent for a total of -70% recovery. That's the best you can do with Spiritshift—30% recovery before DEX. Sure, if you have a high DEX score you get pretty fast—and with high MIG and the wildstrike talents you can do some fairly high damage. It's very good but to the best of my knowledge, it is 1/encounter as you said (not playing a Druid at present though; if it got changed, I wouldn't notice.) Yes it is. Its easy to reproduce - just make high dex cat druid and use frenzy + cat speed buff + druid level 7 spell potion + two weapons style. Even without buffs its base recovery is almost 0 (I dont know if its a bug), even with slowed combat and spamming pause the recovery is hard to notice. Anyways it wouldnt make much difference of reducing 0.1sec recovery to 0 (with 100% attack speed) right?
  5. There is soulbound item that resets spiritshift per encounter and some item that gives additional use. He will never be faster because claws have higher base attack speed then daggers. So: is it possible to reach 0 recovery?Yes its possible and very easy, you can actually get it right from the start if you picked that cat form and have enough dex. If you add to that frenzy its a bit overkill. Actually spiritshift have quite high base accuracy, its not far behind other classes that can passively increase their accuracy. The thing that makes spiritshift much more powerfull then rogue or other melee dps is its great scaling with free buffs like Inspiring Exhortation (adding 20 acc to someone who has 80 acc is better then adding 20 acc to someone who has 110). o all in all the attacks of a spiritshifted druid might be really good - especially because you can also cast spells when spiritshifted (I would cancel that) - but I don't think that they can compete with a fully equipped rogue or even a fighter who focuses on dps. When I tried some builds with spiritshift, I found the damage to be great but the survivability to be bad and als othe duration to bee too short (that may be outdated if you can have 2/encounter now). I had much better experiences when I just let my druid cast spells all the time.You should try high int druid and buff its defenses with mindweb. That solves his duration and survability problems. Also its important to take the right talents and items that boost these talent.
  6. I have 2 shapeshifts per encounter and they last more then enough with 21 int. Its easy to reach 100 damage, you can either take all lightning talents and cast that level 8 lightning spell (you will be critting for 140+) or you can take fire talents and have your chanter cast fire weapon buff. At the start of every battle I also use 2x inspiring liberation (per encounter insta cast +20 accuracy buff for 30 sec) which allows me to get constant crits. its important to take that sneak attack talent too. There are also equipment passives that boost your damage like that +10% wildfire etc. But the real problem here is not damage, its the crazy attack speed. It attacks atleast 2x faster then geared dual wield rogue while also doing 4x more damage which equals 8x higher dps. Sneak attack DO have obvious limit. Your enemy need to be debuffed or flanked. Dont forget you can take sneak attack on druid too for even more dmg.
  7. Is it intended that shapeshifted druid deals 100dmg per hit with almost 0 recovery? There is no point in taking rogue if druid do the same but 10x better and can even carnage with stag for huge aoe damage.
  8. Yes, reaping knives allows cipher to spam his spells. But is it really unbalanced? At this point all other casters have like 30+ spells total and they can spam them too right of the bat. Also, if the char you casted reaping knives on will get cced its wasted and dont generate any focus for you. As of defensive mindweb - you need be very close to cipher for it to work so it makes your party vulnerable for AOE and puts your melee or ranged chars out of position. I think these spells are fairly balanced considering their level and focus cost.
  9. Inspiring Liberation stacks with everything even with itself for +20 acc buff. Cipher accuracy buffs also stacks. What else?
  10. As the title says, I know some spells with similiar effect stacks. Anyone know a full list of that kind of buffs/spells?
  11. So how far stats can be increased from equipment and passive bonuses? Is it possible to built char that has for example 30 might unbuffed?
  12. Blunderbuss is not that good anymore on cipher. Its better to use weapon that would gain the most benefit from time parasite.
  13. It is definitely not intended. Amplified Thrust is like 70 damage weapon with 1 sec attack speed because you can spam it forever and u get it on lvl 3 which is crazy OP. Detonate crush damage also generates focus so when it hits 3-4 enemies u end up with capped focus.
  14. I dont think its very complicated to make a fix for it, why they didnt do that? This bug is gamebreaking they should have fixed it asap in 3.01. One cast of detonate will pretty much overcap your focus...
  15. How does the upscaling works? Enemies have altered stats or they are in bigger numbers?
  16. Dual wield cipher with all time paradise would attack fast enough. Enemy need to be hit alteast once every 4 sec to maintain buffs right?
  17. How early in the game can you find spelltongue? I can see this build working great on melee cipher with all that stat drains and buffs. If it really extends the duration of all buffs you could make immortal character with 5 regens, 10 buffs from various classes etc.
  18. Is there some modder who can help me make cipher spells self castable? Its probably some minor edit in game files.
  19. I did it on lvl 4 with 3 man team: 2 ciphers and 1 fighter tank. Cast 2x ectopsychic echo on tank and just run with him and watch everything melt. It deals insane damage. Without ciphers it would be very difficult on that level even with 6 man party I guess.
  20. Even if this were true, it fails to factor in that Torment's Reach spam = ridiculous amounts of damage. Any monk can easily do this. So +50% dmg per hit is ridiculous amount of damage?+50% dmg per hit is on par with a crit, so yes, it is ridiculous amounts of damage when you have a class "critting" every half a second.Lol rogue has as much with normal attacks and doesnt require to get hit... Actually its more because rogue bonus apply before armor and monks after. Barb has +50% dps just from bloodlust and blooded. When you add frenzy it becomes 1.25*1.2*1.33*1.18=135% bonus dps. When you add +20% from unbugged OSA it is now 182% bonus. If you add +25% weapon enchant then barb will have 253% bonus dps!!! There are also enchants with 20% bonus attack speed so it gives us total 324% bonus dps!!! How can you compare your 50% (which is exaggeration because you cant spam it whole fight on every aa) to barbs 324%? And dont forget that barb has also abilities which boost that damage even more like barbarian blow. And yes, barb will crit much more often because of how easy it is to apply weakened stance which translates to +20 acc for barb and another +10 from sickened (threatening presence) which gives barb 25 accuracy advantage over monk. About threatening presence. The majority of creature in game have over 10 fortitude vs accuracy. And sickened according to in game description only lowers fortitude by 10. Threatening presence is the only barb ability that lowers fortitude. So with threatening presence and brute force you are still attacking vs deflection the majority of the time. Not sure vs kith enemies since they dont appear in beastiary. Also there are plenty creatures with + 20 more fort than deflect. It would only help greatly vs shades. Which have much higher deflection than fortitude. This is all from in game descriptions Btw. I think those 2 abilities are a waste. Unless of course the in game descriptions are way off. I think your brain is way off. GL hitting these annoying shadows/shades early game as monk or 5164541854 other high defletion enemies.
  21. Of course monk has more health and endurance then wizard... So what? Wizard shouldnt take any damage in the first place and you make your monk getting hit intentionally and yet you claim that you have to rest because of that poor wizard. You do it wrong.
  22. So you are trying to tell me that you rest when your health is still on 66 or 50%? Dont be pathetic please. Why dont you rest when wizard is at full health then? The number is lower then monk total health so in your logic you should rest...
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