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  1. Only visual, tested that too. But its annoying because you cant tell if you will hit enemy or he is out of range.
  2. And something for that troll: I hacked with console 100 int on that char. As you can see only outer circle increased. Dont talk next time if you arent 100% sure about something.
  3. Create caster class with high int and take any aoe spell. Try to cast it: As you see there is no outer range even tho this char have 18 int. Now right click on that spell description: Now try to cast that spell again: As you see it is fixed now. However it will reset each time you change map or reload.
  4. Yes. Otherwise high int would work against you, I am glad they didnt scale it.
  5. It is bonus from int and very easy to test so dont argue if you dont know what are you talking about. And the bonus range from int effect only enemies.
  6. You dont get it... When I right click on description it "fixes" this problem untill I reload or change map. Before update everything was ok.
  7. I know there are alot of bugs tooltips related. Thats why I always test things myself. Because you dont need that healing, with 35+ DT enemies cant really hurt you or outdamage pain block regen. Fire deals ALOT of damage (it scale with level, so on lv9 around 30-40 per hit) and have +4 additional DT which is great for DT tank.
  8. So what? There is nothing wrong in getting hit in this build. Reflex usually save from aoe spells and they will do like 3 dmg to you because of so high DT. You will still attack much faster then single handed naked maxed dex character and like 5 times faster then other regular tanks. Attack rate stack additively and dualwield gives you +100% attack speed (130 with talent) so -50% is not much of a handicap. Alot of damage comes from beam and moving around to position your beam and force disengage hits on enemies so they hit themselves and die while you just run around. Dex is not important there.
  9. To reproduce: -create cipher with maxed int and take any aoe targeted spell -when you try to cast it you will see only the "base" range. It can be fixed by right clicking on that spell for description, then it will show the outer range from your int. After reload or map change it bugs again. Very annoying.
  10. Cipher fire godlike Might - max Con - 10 Dex - min Per - min Int - max Res - left points (should be around 15-16) You dont need dex, that -20% attack speed is nothing, you can make up for it with one talent. High res will let you cast spells without being interrupted. There is no point in increasing your con on cipher because it multiply your endurance by % and cipher has low base endurance so it would be waste. Per - most useless stat. Weapon - dual wield some fast or penetrating weapons. Armor - heaviest with the highest DT possible. Antipathetic Field - your strongest dps skill and cost only 10 focus. Cast it on some ranged enemy and watch melee targets around you die. 30-60 damage PER SECOND. Drain stat spells - start each battle with them. On high level you can cast borrowed instinct (+20 acc and +20 all defenses) to initiate and then body attunement for +7 DT (it has very quick cast time). Tactical Meld - cast it on ally just before battle for free +20 acc. Your focus will back to full (or rather half ) after a second. Retaliate = for epic focus generation and spells spam. Important talents - bitting whip, draining whip, savage attack, vulnurable attack and two-weapons mastery. Optional - have another cipher in team to buff you +10 DT with pain block. With this setup, just on level 9 I have: -100+ deflection, -34 (38 under 50% endurance) damage threshold, -105 accuracy, -alot of melee damage (because of constant crits) and attack speed (because of dual wield). Melee attacks usually do 20-40 dmg per hit (very fast) with bad/average weapons, -10-20 retaliate damage and when drop under 50% I do on top of that 30-50 fire damage (which works even on misses unlike retaliate). That fire attack can crit. Vulnurable attack works on both: retaliate and fire godlike talent -you can run around to position your beam and make your enemy extra hit you because of disengage and hurt themselves even more. Buffs have long duration and usually lasts full fight and you easily can crit them for even longer 40-50 sec duration. They not just buff you but also debuff enemy. You will generate focus faster then you can spam spells thanks to draining whip + retaliate. With that much DT, enemies will mostly deal minimum damage and thanks to that you have lower deflection because of no shield, enemies will gaze more often then miss so retaliate will occur. Gazed attack vs that much DT will deal around 1-5 damage, pain block regen will cover it entirely even if 5 enemies are attacking you at the same time. Cipher low endurance doesnt matter because enemies deal so little damage even with their strongest hits. Harder mobs will die very fast because of these debuffs. -7 DT for enemy will increase drastically your melee dps on them (especially when dual wield). With this build you will be God-like (literally) Enjoy!!!
  11. The higher number is to make sure enemy lose also all his health... So it will be 100% dead
  12. Aoe spells dont show the outer range. How to fix it?
  13. You mean psychic backlash? It only work on will attacks and just once per encounter.
  14. I prefer glass cannon build but other builds would work as well because these spells effect would be the same even on tank cipher. Or even better because of +20 deflection this spells give.
  15. First of all, no. It is your weapon accuracy. Spells have higher accuracy by default. (you can see spell accuracy at log after you cast spell) Second. If you read my first post you would see, that my build use 2 spells that give together EXTRA +40 accuracy. That means you would have total 89 weapon accuracy (and even more spell accuracy). Hardly any enemy would dodge it and you would crit most of the time.
  16. It is worthless. The sad part is you cant really take anything better for chanter because thats his only race talent.
  17. If heavy hitter get past my fighter he will receive 2x mind plague or other cc. That will be no problem. Thats why difficulty is important though, PoTD all stats are raised so its much harder to give mobs satus effects, my monk has a knock prone that works maybe a third of the time Did you even read what I said? 2x mind plague with +40 acc bonus is more then enough...
  18. If heavy hitter get past my fighter he will receive 2x mind plague or other cc. That will be no problem.
  19. Fighter, cipher, cipher. Fighter full tank, lowest dex and might and maxed per, res, con and almost maxed int. Ciphers (full damage, int) will use on each other tactical mend (just before combat so its free cost) and always focus the same target for free +20 accuracy (it also works for ally target spells like soul shock). They will always start battle with borrowed instinct for another +20 accuracy. Now they will crit like crazy (with spells too) because of that huge +40 acc and generate so much focus they will be able to spam all abilities. I think it would be interesting gonna try it. What do you think?
  20. So there is no point in using any of them on ranged cipher? Its always better to cast focus based spells or aa to generate focus.
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