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  1. I left a comment on this article questioning why the article did not include screenshots of Erika's multiple '#killallmen' hashtags and pointed out that it was biased reporting... at which it was deleted and an immediate ban slapped down lol.
  2. I correctly guessed it on the first try. It's remarkably similar to the 1st level of Watcher's Keep.
  3. This is the most solid launch I've seen in a long time. And not one of these bugs left the game unable to be completed, so none of them are in fact, game-breaking. People throw that term around without knowing what it really means. The closest I can see fitting that bill is the double-click equip making it more difficult to fight battles. Game runs smoothly, beautifully, is getting very good support right out the door. I love it and am very appreciative of it.
  4. Hmm, I was using AttributeScore to alter the companion's stats to something more agreeable, but now it's stopped functioning on anyone but the player.
  5. Yeah this has come up a few times in this thread. It isn't really a good solution. It's buggy, it breaks things, it disables achievements, it is at best, a workaround. It's worked fine for me as a substitute for a mod; also, I'm pretty sure IEMod specifically will not disable achievements. Adding in a respec is beyond the scope of whats needed, and I feel like the character's race,sub-race, and background choices should be left untouched. There's really only one thing I think NEEDS to be addressed: The trash-tier attribute distributions. And two things that would be nic
  6. Do fire enchantments cause the weapon to drip with flame? Neverwinter Nights did this all the way back in 2003, and before that, Baldur's Gate did it in the sprite world of IE.
  7. Having just came off the heels of a full Baldur's Gate Trilogy playthrough, with mods included, right into PIllars of Eternity, I can say with certainty that Pillars of Eternity is superior as a whole. On the individual level, Baldur's Gate 2 has Viconia and PoE doesn't, but I can't fault it for that.
  8. Some observations about possibly modding the starting characters: 1) That level-scaling you mentioned seems to be handled by the alothabilityprogressiontable.unity3d file located in the same folder as companion_aloth.unity3d is found. 2) In Unity, using the helpful Pillars of Eternity Asset Editor, I noticed when pulling up the companion_aloth.unity3d file that some of the information saved within isn't 'retrieved' and read correctly by Unity. For starts, in the Companion_Aloth Object resource there seems to be some missing/invalid entries that I think are due to missing resources in t
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