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  1. That's true, but in the game apparently there is no description about this.
  2. Hope this link works http://www.filedropper.com/aaa774fc-a77a-41da-adb6-d8890b4b5bf6quicksave
  3. I didn't know where to log this query: Why does the animal companion bypass 8 DR? It has the talent (3 DR bypass), but I cannot figure out that additional 5. Thanks in advance for reply.
  4. Why the heck this shield should grant to the main character a total defense of +19 (visible in the deflection breakdown as +14 and additional +5)?
  5. As per title, the paladin's aura seems to apply to the enemy. I had a combat with the wild boars and I noticed that some of them benefited of the zealous focus effects, as they could turn grazed hits into standard ones. In the first screen one boar is charmed and gets the zealous focus as you can see In the second screen the boar is no longer charmed but still can take advantage of the paladin's aura So...what the heck?!?
  6. As always happens you fix some bugs making new ones at same time: What is the "zero" displayed in the main character icon?
  7. So why do you persist to put it in the patch notes as if it had really been fixed? How many times should I start over this game? Maybe with the patch 1.9999999 things will be right? I don't care what people could think of this my "obsession" about the auras bug, for me is not a minutia. It is simply shameful that up to now the product looks like a beta version.
  8. Had I known that this game was a beta and that I had to detect continuously bugs and report them in the forum, instead of enjoying the game, I would have bought it directly next year, or maybe never.
  9. As reported several times this tedious bug still persist. Aura range grows inexorably as time in game passes. I'm getting tired of playing a broken game.
  10. "Escape should now always prevent disengagement attacks." Absolutely false, just tested and it is still a broken and useless talent like before. Will we ever see a definitive workaround or just announcements?
  11. I report here some missing italian translations. The english terms are highlighted in red in the following screenshots:
  12. Just right-click on any armor and you will find only info about recovery and enhancement.
  13. What the heck! Very misleading description! http://imgur.com/xykOJGE Among other things I have the italian version and that option is in english ( not the only translation missing ) . Anyway after having disabled it the manual progression works.
  14. In difficulty settings I only see "Choose companions starting level" that is enabled, yet Aloth as first companion joining me is lvl 2° and can't find a way to maunally reset/level up him.
  15. I noticed something relevant. The bows carried by enemies are now always loaded, even when they shoot at you the animation shows the arrow glued to the bow.
  16. I hope too they're going to fix broken abilities/talents with the next patch. Some Paladins and Rogue's abilities are still bugged (e.g. Zealous Focus and Escape talent).
  17. Video Games are full of bugs, ok I got it. However as a buyer I don't care to hear justifications about the difficulty of realize a good product. Nowadays, in video games world, the truth is that you buy a product different from what is supposed to be. It is advertised as something close to a complete product, making you to believe that is ready and enjoyable at all, so rising your expectations, and instead when is out we get a beta-like game. A kind of deception, that's how I consider this advertising. Does the game need one foocking year of patching? Ok, I accept this. Unacceptable is th
  18. Unlike you Bigby I would have enjoyed this game if it were been a definite version without so many nasty bugs. I like the story and the mechanics but all this has been ruined by a very incomplete released version. If only I were been informed about a beta-like game release in March 26, I would not even download it, waiting for major fix. But things have been different, I downloaded, played and started over it several times, and so my personal experience has been very very disappointing. It is only my fault to have been naive about it. Never again I will pre-order a promising RPG and neve
  19. It is still broken, it grows... Dunehunter have you noticed some change after the patches or also for you is the same crap ability?
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