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  1. It depends on where you bought game. If you bought it using Microsoft Store you can check game version in latest updates section. Not sure about EGS.
  2. Something wrong was happened today with 1.4 patch for customers who bought game using EGS. For example saves not loading anymore. I assume DLC not available in EGS because devs fix issues. Currently DLC and Season Pass available in Microsoft Store. More details about EGS failure is there: https://www.reddit.com/r/outerworlds/comments/iozelm/peril_on_gorgon_released_on_epic_already_details/
  3. Its look like ultra major bug!!! Game mechanics should be as correct as possible.
  4. Before 1.06 everything work OK with that. Now its broken.
  5. There is Easy mode when you do not even need that ))) I'm playing on Path on Damned + Ironman and ITS VERY IMPORTANT that game mechanics work as correct as possible. I think this game has bestest mechanic ever seen with lot of potential. Ok, since game is not totally patched its early for Ironman (((
  6. It affect companions always regardless of range. It even works if you companion 2 screens from Paladin.
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