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  1. I sometimes wish the internet didn't exist and instead have the days of having to call an extortionate hintline if you got stuck. I get tempted soooo easily to look at solutions and hints or the "best" way for character creation. All of which breaks immersion.
  2. BG2 is by far and away the best game of the three. The original that is, I wouldn't bother with the enhanced version. BG1 is a bit archaic these days, it has not aged well. The only cRPG on par with BG2 is Planescape Torment, for different reasons. Planescape has the best story, characters and dialogue in any RPG ever made.
  3. Looks like garbage. The BG2 and Torment maps/bonus art were gorgeous and cost considerably less. Not cloth just glossy paper stuff, but I will take that over washed out **** like this.
  4. What edition was Temple of Elemental Evil? Best combat in a D&D game ever. Obsidian should have just copied that.
  5. It is easy to add custom portraits and google images will have a portrait you will like. Would have been much better if they had more head/body options for the character though, specifically the godlike race.
  6. Isn't there a huge dungeon complex under your keep you can explore for tons of XP and items? I read that somewhere, a review I think.
  7. gog and such make it easier to pirate I believe. And nothing will happen as his version will be identical to the one you bought unfortunately, updates and all.
  8. Hey guys how do I add a custom portrait? I can't find any instructions as to size, where to place them etc and there is nothing on the manual..
  9. I agree the portrait selection is terrible. I mean the Godlikes only have 1!! Oh well, I guess it is fairly straightforward to add custom portraits? It doesn't say how in the manual..
  10. Really? Most the reviews I have read have said the game is challenging. One even said "normal" is like BG2 "hard" iirc.
  11. I don't see the patch on gog? It isn't on the POT page...
  12. A somewhat superficial complaint but there isn't enough character portraits for godlike. The few they have all look dorky.
  13. Hey guys. One of the biggest complaints I have heard about the game Is the lack of interesting NPCs, lack of chatter between them and yourself depending on alignment and romance options. I will be buying this game as soon as I finish Legend of Grimrock 2 (which is amazing) but this is pretty disappointing to read coming from the guys who gave us Planescape Torment.
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