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  1. I can only get him to 2/5 hp, then he uses some soul stuff spell that makes a barrier around him and I think he posesses one of the judges. The first time I fought him, he regained full hp after killing each judge and when I killed him, the game froze. The second time he recovered his hp only once, and then I killed both judges and could interact with his soul. tl;dr - just fight again lol
  2. Problem solved, after like 10th time it finally worked properly :D Maybe progressing in the story helped it ;o
  3. I think you aren't supposed to save him #Just let him die and problem solved I've chosen to kill him personally, that way you avoid the huge negative reputation
  4. I think it's good :D There aren't that many deers on the maps anyway, and at least you can use them to your advantage, during a hard fight early game they gave me the small advantage that was enough to beat the enemy =)
  5. How to Hex Edit on Windows - Guide for Beginners =) 1. Download hex editor http://www.handshake.de/user/chmaas/delphi/download/xvi32.zip 2. Download 7zip if you don't have it http://www.7-zip.org/ 3. Make a copy of the save you want to edit 4a. Choose XVI hex editor as the default program to open .save files (double click the save file, it should ask you what program you choose to open it) OR 4b. Open windows search (<windows key> + S), search "Default programs", click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" Find .save extension and associate it with the hex editor. 5. Right click on your save file -> 7zip -> Open archive 6. Find MobileObjects.save 7. Open it (it should be opened by hex editor automatically) 8. Find the Grieving Mother's name - I think you have to search for the translated name if your language in game isn't english - it was translated to polish for me. The 4th occurence of the name was the thing I was looking for - but it might be different for you - For me her name occured 3 times in Stronghold's adventures logs. You are looking for something like this OverrideName- <some characters> Grieving Mother* <some stuff> -Gender- ... * - the name might be different depending on your language settings If you've reached this point, click ctrl + F in hex editor, check "Text string", check Direction "down" and search for "FocusGainMult" 9. The first occurence of "FocusGainMult" is our FocusGainMult that we'd like to change. We should insert "00 00 80 3F", but where exactly? In Hex editor on the left side you can see hex values, where each field corresponds to a similar field on the right side, but on the right side there are characters instead of the hex values. You insert the "00 00 80 3F" in 4 fields on the left side, which should show you the changes on the right side." To see how to fill the "00 00 80 3F" correctly just check the "NegMoveTickMult-" just a line above. After you've filled the value correctly, it should look like this: FocusGainMult- <empty field> <field with "arrow" pointed left"> <empty field> <field with a square> <3 empty fields> <euro mark> <question mark> <dash> if that's how it looks like for you, it's good! Time to save and exit hex editor. Now back to 7zip - it should tell us that 'File "MobileObjects.save" was modified. Do you want to update it in the archive?' Hell yeah! That's exactly what we'd like to do! Click ok. Enjoy your cipher with repaired focus! Just did it and I can go back to the game
  6. I know, but I consider it a bug, so I posted it here
  7. The game has so many bugs that I don't think it's the best time to request new features :D
  8. My whole party died, but the last member had second wind, he was revived by it, but I got the 'game over' screen anyway ;/
  9. I had it with skeletons, just ignored them and after beating them for like 10th time and progressing further with the story, the screen faded eventually and everything went back to normal
  10. Check if her stats haven't gone crazy, this might be the problem
  11. I got the same problem, but it somehow got fixed :D Just try to battle them from time to time and continue with the story, it eventually worked for me, now all these 'attacks' work for me
  12. Hey, on the 8th lvl of the dungeon there is a lot of fampyrs ,I've read that there's a quest from the 'fampyr lord' to get rid of other fampyrs, but I can't get it somehow, already tried all dialogue options and he always attacks me, seems that none of my characters can speak engwithan, is it a bug? I think it might be because all the walkthroughs never mentioned problems like this, so it sounds like there shouldn't be any. They just write - talk to him, get quest, or kill him, whatever . I'd like to do the quest ( Already killed all other fampyrs, so additional xp would be nice ). Tried talking to him before killing other fampyrs / after killing / with every team member I could (which are Kana, Aloth, Eder, Sagani, the fire priest guy, the druid guy and the Mother), however fampyr's reaction was always the same, only Kana is saying that the fampyr must be speaking engwithan.
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