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  1. So... does anyone actually knows what are the consequences of choosing either side? Spill your beans people... and don't be shy about it because this is the spoiler section of the forum.
  2. I'm in the same position as you. My main is a cipher, so Alloth is basically rendered useless in my party. The only reason why I keep him its because I'm curious to see how his character progresses (story, dual-personality thing, etc) and the occasional time where some of his spells are actually useful. I'm probably just bad at managing wizards in this game but... his damage sucks, his spells hurt my team more than the enemies, he dies pretty quickly all the time (because of his positioning vs spell usage)... I think I'm going to kick him and add someone more useful, like a pala or another fig
  3. Is there lots of booze involved? I refuse to watch a wrestling match between man and bear without BOTH being drunk beyond hope! *Images them charging at each other, shouting and roaring, only to trip on a rock and landing flat on the floor afterwards* Challenger: ZzZzZzZ Bear: ZzZzZ *grunt* ZzZ
  4. 100% this. Role-playing means playing the game with your character's perspective. If you think your character, alone, tired and ill-prepared, is able to fight a wild bear under unknown circumstances then you're not truly role-playing, you're playing this game like most players do and who expect their characters to be the fearless, killing machines right off from the start. Even if you had some fighting experience in real-life, would you go out there alone and ill-equipped to fight a wild bear? Specially just after being warned that its a potentially aggressive animal because it just "claimed"
  5. Rationality? We're talking about faith here, not science or logic. Ancients used to build temples and commit sacrifices to appease the gods. In theory, the more people worship a deity the more power it gains over the mortal realm, which increases the chances of miracles happening. Don't ask. Put yourself in Raedric shoes - the man has tried everything, from regular medicine, to spiritualism to necromancy. When science no longer provides answers, people usually resort to more traditional means to obtaining results and comfort the mind. What else is there for them to try anyway? He believes
  6. There's a reason why they don't belong to any culture... instead of finnicking with game commands why don't you just play the game itself?
  7. Neither paths are inherently good or evil, its just a matter of how you perceive it. As it stands, I'm slightly inclined to side with Raedric. Kolsc seems like the popular choice but he doesn't strike me as a capable leader, more like a power-hungry kid who wants to be on the throne. He tries to look like a "people's person" but I don't know if that's just an act to get the populace on his side or not... He doesn't seem minimally interested in helping or finding a cure for the Hollowborn curse either. My reaction to him: "Good job, you 'inherited' a broken, dying land whose half of the popul
  8. People need to understand one thing: An opinion = / = a critique. Opinions can be interjected with different tastes, leading to a moot argument between different parties. A critique should be based on facts, which are much harder to counter. Critiques exist to point out the good and the bad in something, while remaining objective and clear about it. If people are just going to spew a bunch of hatred and poorly written opinions (which can lead to misunderstandings) then they shouldn't be surprised if they end up labeled as trolls. Negative opinions usually bring negative reactions, which lead
  9. Replace the wizard with a cipher and you're good to go. Ciphers can do pretty much almost anything a Wiz can do (CC, Damage and Weaken foes) but unlike the wizard, the cipher can keep casting spells without having to rest, which is a huge advantage in my opinion. My entire party is able to roll for days, the only exception being the priest, which becomes useless after having used all his spells. All the accuracy in the world won't help if you can't hit for crap - you need damage too, otherwise you won't get through the mob's DR. With no damage, you're basically relying on crits to do any wort
  10. Its not a bug, you're just misinterpreting it. The game counts in-game hours, not real-time. Each time you travel between regions you get a pop up that says "You have traveled for X hours", so according to the title you still have 2 in-game days ahead of you before the upgrade the complete.
  11. You mean how the shadows move dynamically according to your location? That's your character field of view and its intended. A bit unrealistic if you ask me because the shadows should move according to the Sun's height, not the character perception but hey...
  12. Starting again about mid-way is a common theme for me, sometimes for the same reason as yours. Honestly, if you're even thinking about it then its best to just make a backup of your current saves and start again, because the temptation will keep gwaning at you. I know how it goes. However, here's some points that you should consider: 1) Just because you're a paladin it doesn't mean you can't go around killing other priests. If they worship a god you despise then all the more reasons to go for it. Same thing applies if they're corrupt priests and your duty compels you to put them down see them
  13. The game HAS incentives for sleeping in a room (aka long-lasting buffs) but I don't think there's enough incentive to convince lazy players to go back and forth. I'm not even sure incentives is what we need here. What we DO need is a better camping supply cap (or the removal of it) and , IMO, easy difficulty should't have a limit.
  14. Can this game even be moded? I remember hearing that it wasn't possible, nor were developer tools mod even released for that.
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