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  1. I have been 'ambushed' multiple times in Defiance Bay by enemies so the fog of war is required for those kind of things to work. A Without fog of war you could see where those people are from anywhere on the map and never have to worry about them. lso there are other things you happen upon that if you could see from far away they would not have the same impact. I agree that the fog of war makes cities and other 'safe' zones look empty and in general worse but the way they set things up turning off fog of war would lead to other problems.
  2. That is what I get for hoarding all the books without actually reading them. Would be nice if more basic setting lore was in the Cyclopedia to look over easily.
  3. Had permanent blind on my fighter but dismissing him from the party then re-adding him fixed the problem.
  4. My Stronghold is displaying over 23 hours of construction time. Not sure if the world has longer than 24 hours in a day but it does seem like a bug to me. screenshot save system info output log
  5. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/530637206241824582/DF7ADD403494999B459B59D98E4632922E619FCF/ These guys keep showing up on maps and have been for the last few hours. They will at times spawn inside walls and it doesn't matter what kind of map it is I have seen them in dungeons, in cities, and what have you. They only appeared after my chanter summoned some skeletons and they didn't disappear after combat ended. Eventually the glitched summoned skeletons all died but now I am haunted by friendly skeletons that I do not control but simply spawn on the map in random locations. It hon
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