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  1. Hello! I like the graphics of PoE very much and I'm very glad that you have decided to use prerendered backgrounds instead of realtime 3d. But as i see it is not just simple prerenders it is more advanced graphic techniques (as i guess it is some mix of prerenders with 3d models and dynamic lightning (is it using of DepthBuffer and Normal Maps?) So.....It is very very interesting to know more details about game graphics engine, game technologies and of course creation process...how it all works, what programs, plugins or tricks did you used and so on. Also very interesting to know about the tricks you used in level creation itself...i fact i'm trying to do something similiar in 3ds Max (without any game engine) just to render some scene. Thank You and Love you guys since you were The Black Isle!)))
  2. Yes, i also think this effect is field of view and its intended. When you stand its not so bad, but when you move it looks very terrible. Hope there will be an option to disable this effect.
  3. There is a very strange visual effect in game. When you move it shades the distant area and the ares behind the obstacles. Does it shows heroes' area of sight? I don't think this is bug, but anyway this look very strange. Espcially when you move in some are with trees, it strangely blinks here and there. I think this effect really spoils the beautiful picrure. It looks more like some buggy shadows. Is it possible to turn it off? Or maybe even make ingame option for this? And by the way - is this effect shows something useful or it's just an effect? Sorry for my english.
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