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  1. If you want to maintain modicum of challenge everywhere? That´s hard. You could try what I did my recent PotD game: 1. Act1 >1. Endless Path (1) 2. Act2 >2. Endless Path (2-8 ) 3. Act3, including clearing Burial Isle (scale up if Act 2 just felt too easy) >3. Endless Path (9-11) 4. White March 1 (scaled up) >4. Endless Path (12-15) >4. You can also finish with the final Caed Nua stronghold mission with two allies, no need to get third through WM2. 5. White March 2 (scaled up) >5. Cragholdt >5. The Bog (after Cragholdt) 6. Court of the Penitents Throw in
  2. Both are from smaller studios and use style of much older games, but otherwise the games are vastly different. I´d say both are worth playing and good specimens of their own genre. People who like puzzles should go with Grimrock 2 and anyone who does not like a little bit twitchy combat should get PoE. Grimrock 2 has plenty of encounters where proper timing will save you a lot of trouble.
  3. It is not an oversight, but a deliberately made choice. Not that I disagree with you, but it is what it is. I have no idea if the game actually broke if people could wear amulets and cloaks simultaneously, but given how the game prunes bonuses that overlap... Probably not.
  4. Actually chess games can be quite exciting for people who are well versed with the game. Seeing a brilliant move that you did not notice is always a nice experience and an eye opener. Although these days with all the computer data base analysis Go is probably a better choice for surprises. And besides that, Chess is actually an unbalanced game that can only be balanced over a series of matches, since white has the advantage when both sides play properly and first mover guides the game down to lines that give him preferential winning chances.
  5. I don´t think this game lets you do that in any case. As far as I can see, it is very very hard to make a one trick pony type character. Weapon specs always include multiple different weapons with different damage types and rest of the feats are quite generic, applicable in just about any situation. If you have wizards, priests or druids in your party you can always fall back to other elements and they are enough to deal with the enemies even if you lack the spec feats that give you extra damage. At worst you´d have to reload once and swap few spells on your grimoire if you run three wizar
  6. Don´t be so narrow with definitions. There is no divide between RPG and action. Both can exist within the same framework. Something like Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is most definitely both RPG and action game and extremely good RPG at that (action part is only serviceable).
  7. I hope it´s ok to ask, but why did you choose Hard instead of PotD?
  8. False choices are pretty common in games. Designers ought to keep that in mind when creating their game. Choice between good and better or bad and good is not much of a choice at all. How about the spell combos or something similar? Potentially good, but only if the option of not using the combo is better in some cases as well. If you get something that just gives extra damage when you do this + that... Looks like a no-brainer to me.
  9. Honestly, Idleray came out of that "forum combat" with flying colors. Praise ought to be heaped on you for not going totally mad when reading the replies.
  10. Hard crowd-control can be problematic to balance (petrify, paralysis, knockdown)... IMO, it feels like this game has very limited defenses beyond having a priest in your party against such attacks. And feats add +10 to one save defense only, which might not be enough to justify the cost of picking one of them.
  11. Warhammer Fantasy 1st edition and I think I was ~12 or so. It definitely hooked me into the whole RPG thing. First game I DM:ed myself was Palladium Fantasy and then I transitioned to AD&D 2nd and Twilight 2000 (for a spell).
  12. Deflection is the god defense here and lowering it by dumping Resolve and Perception creates a punching bag and not a tank or someone who can wade into melee and survive. Dexterity and might are DPS stats, Int is buff duration and AoE stat and Con is... punching bag stat. Does the stat system make sense? Not in a simulationist sense. It´s a gamist construct and exist outside conventional wisdom in some respects. Trying to apply realism or vision to such a thing is going to result in failure. Sorry you had to experience it first hand.
  13. Agreeing with Luckmann here. Motivations of the main character are very flimsy for what he actually ends up doing until you are very far in the game already. I like mysteries, but you can´t dangle ghost carrot in front of players face for 20 hours before you let it materialize and let him bite it. Well, you can... But there is a cost.
  14. I`m hoping someone ends up making a good SciFi RPG game someday soon. It´s been ages since we got anything from that front (Mass Effect franchise ended up as a space soap opera shooters). XCom revival and Xenonauts at least brought tactical scifi games back, but where is the RPG part and why nobody is taking on it? It´s been mostly procedural games these days... I do like them, but it would be nice to have a story to go with all that content too once in a while.
  15. But, the video posted in the OP is from February. And PoE has been number 1 on Steam sales since it was released. I'm not sure how you figure Angry Joe is responsible for PoE becoming number 5 in the last day. I think people are talking about the actual review video that just came out and not the teaser interview stuff in the OP. This is a pretty old thread in forum standards.
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