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  1. You can do it, at least in part, if not completely with just the editor, which is still not intuitive enough if you haven't noticed it, I guess You know, I had not decided what the next How-To will be about, but I'll make it about how to do this, because I guess many people want to edit abilities. To answer your question, you need to open the Ability "Prayer_for_the_Body" click GoTo button next to the attack, add a new Status Effect for the stronger inspiration (you may have to find its name first, because the list of status effects is huge), delete the old Status Effect for the weaker inspiration, and finally hit Save Changes on the Attack Detail view. EDIT: Actually, you can't just do it right now. I need to make a small change to the status effects first, so that these inspirations are added to the list of selectable status effects. I'll write you back later today. Sounds good, cheers mate. Your efforts are appreciated.
  2. Interesting mod, I've done some basic changes myself by digging through the game files, nerfing and buffing various spells such as reducing the damage of Plague of Insects, but that's an easy thing to do since you just find the base damage and reduce it, what I want to do is a bit more complicated. I'm playing a priest and want to buff some of their **** tier spells, such as Prayer for the Body/Spirit and Litany for the Body/Spirit. I want to change them so they each give one tier up Inspiration, so they go from Fit to Hardy for Prayer for the Body, and from Hardy to Robust for Litany for the body; the same for P/L of the Spirit. Looking through the ability status effects, I really have no idea what specific part of the ability references which inspiration to apply or indeed, whether that can be changed at all. The most obvious thing to me, at least for testing purposes is to just copy the details in Litany for the Body and paste it into Prayer for the Body but that seems somehow inelegant to me. Any ideas how something like this can be done? I'm playing a priest for thematic purposes but some of their spells are so ****e. Cheers.
  3. So I've just finished the first part of White March, or I believe I have and given the choice to Bind to Cannons, Free them or Bind to Forge. I picked Bind to forge which as it explains, should reduce the number of ingots to 2 only, it doesn't. https://imgur.com/z2uILlN I assume this is a bug and I would quite like to only use 2 instead of 3. Input appreciated.
  4. I beat the Dragon earlier today legit, I engaged everything fairly at the same time, I didn't cheese the boss with 38945943 priest traps and I didn't petrify her once. Obviously doing any of those things will make the fight much easier but it can be done; it was on Path of the Damned difficulty too. I was running Fighter, Chanter, Cipher, Wizard, Priest, Barbarian. Start by summoning as much cannon fodder as you can from the various figurines you should have by this point and use them to distract the Dragon while you bumrush the **** out of the 4 Adragons at the back. Mind Plague is exceptionally good at dealing with them, particularly if you target the Adragon to the Southeast as this has the added advantage of distracting the Xaurips that run in. Once the Adragons are dead, buff the living bejesus out of your tank(s) and send them to separate sides of the dragon along with any summons you have left. I also had a Circle of Death trap waiting for the Xaurips and that did a great job of killing them off. After that, I buffed the accuracy of my party as much as I could and tried to land a blind on the Dragon. I managed to get a crit blind for 60 seconds which made her much easier to hit. After that, I managed to crit a Paralysis scroll on her for 30 seconds at which point I dumped 4 Malignant Clouds on her and they ate away at her health surprisingly quickly. my primary tank dropped low at one point but it's so easy with a Priest to keep a tank alive. I will say that Wing Slam or Wing Blast, whatever it's called is a dumb move but meh, you can outrange it. Tail Whip hit range is also a bit dumb.
  5. I just beat the Adra dragon about an hour ago on Path of the damned running Fighter, Chanter, Barbarian, Cipher, Wizard Priest. I wiped 4 times in total before I figured out how to beat it. I didn't cheese it or anything and I fairly engaged all the enemies at once; I've done the whole cheese dragons thing from 3xDoom + Greater Malison + Chromatic Orb to Cloudkilling it from off screen, I wanted to fight it fairly. I have to say, the hit detection for some of the Dragon's attacks seems extremely odd. For example Tail Lash, wtf? It doesn't hit in a conical area maybe 60 degrees wide at the back as you'd expect...no, it hits maybe 270 ****ing degrees around the Dragon, I was just dumbfounded when my casters who were near enough closer to her head than her tail got hit by it. Similarly that Wing Slam has an extremely daft range. My priest was standing a good few feet away from the Dragon and got hit while my Cipher who was closer didn't get hit. At any rate, my Wizard managed to crit a scroll of paralysis for 30 seconds of paralyse while I had 4 Malignant clouds eating her health. Fun fight though.
  6. This sounds like my issue actually. I just loaded up my Hard mode Wizard which I retired which has a custom Rogue with a soundset that has no problems picking locks. My Custom Druid in my Potd playthrough doesn't make any sound for whatever reason when I select her and she can't do anything mechanics related. Do you know how I can fix this?
  7. I don't know why people are so upset about not getting the patch, it's broken several things so far. Lockpicking is totally broken on my Potd save, some people are crashing when loading previous saves and others are getting infinite experience, to name a few.
  8. Unfortunately that's not the case for my save. Everyone that does not have the required mechanics can attempt to interact with it where as my Mechanic, who has sufficient levels, cannot. It's very bizarre and awfully frustrating.
  9. Indeed, same for me. I seriously do not want to restart my Potd party because of this. Lockpicking works fine in a freshly started game but not in my current one.
  10. This patch broke my current Potd party, I can no longer Lockpick on any of my characters including freshly created characters.
  11. Some buffs are just bad, things like Fireshield and Ironskins, unless you're playing a Tank Wizard (Which is viable) you just don't want. Some of them have moderate value, Llengrath's Safeguard and the Arcane Reflection spells have seen some use for me, for example the Skeletal Wizards in Od Nua love to chuck the odd spell at my Wizard and this just bounces them right back and considering in the level 4 spell repotoire there's only three spells that are worth it, it's ok to take this as the fourth. Some buff spells however are wonderful, starting with the very humble and powerful Eldritch Aim. Probably one of the strongest Wizard spells, accuracy is everything in this game. It's no good throwing your Fireballs and Confusions and happy zappy damage spells if they're just going to miss, this helps, a lot. In the same vein, if you want your spells to hit, why not have them crit? Merciless Aim is another brilliant spell. These two spells in conjunction ramp up the power of your Wizard considerably. If anything, I'm a bit tired of everyone claiming Wizards suck, they seriously do not, people are just not using them correctly. I only play Path of the Damned and I am flat out telling you, Wizard spells are ****ing *good*, they're good, some are brilliant, some are downright broken and once you get to levle 9, Wizards are the hardest scaling class in the game. Just to clarify, I'm not accusing the OP of being bad, but there are a lot of threads claiming Wizards suck and they're wrong.
  12. So I actually got bored of my Wizard on Hard mode not far from the end of the game and decided to create a custom Path of the Damned party and would like some advice and input as I really don't know whether what I've come up with is going to work. Protagonist: Moon Godlike Paladin - Tank/Support(St Elgca) M - 12 C - 10 D - 4 P -18 I - 15 R - 19 Made her my protagonist so my conversation responses can boost her Faith and Conviction. Dumped Dex so I can max Perception and Resolve and I've taken some Int for buff duration and some Might so she smacks just a bit harder with Flames of Devotion. Wild Orlan Fighter - Main Tank M - 8 C - 17 D - 10 P - 21 I - 3 R - 19 Just a flat out tank, nothing special here. Will run in first and grab aggro on stuff and just be a brick. I couldn't really make my mind up which race to be here, I thought their passive of increased defense after being attacked by Will sounded funky, but a Pale Elf for their damage reduction appealed too, maybe even a Fire Godlike for the damage reduction, wasn't sure; input appreciated. Death Godlike Cipher - High Melee Damage/CC M - 18 C - 8 D - 19 P - 3 I - 20 R - 10 Maxed int/Might/Dex for massive CC (Mental Binding particularly) and damage. Decided to make him my only melee dps and thought about going for an Estoc. Good DR penetration and on my Cipher on Hard difficulty, he was hitting for upwards of 60. Not sure if I can replicate the same on PoD, perhaps dual wield Stiletto or even ranged Blunderbuss would be better. Fire Godlike Chanter - Support/Ranged Damage M - 18 C - 15 D - 19 P - 3 I - 20 R - 3 Fire Godlike just because, I really don't have a reason other than maxed Int for aura duration and area of affect. Going for some sort of Firearm on him, not sure what would be best, Arquebus or Pistol. Designed to stay at medium range behind the frontline and infront of the backline for maximum aura coverage so I bumped his Con a bit just so he has a bit more defense if caught by 1/2 mobs, not that I expect that bit of Con to save him at all. Wood Elf Rogue - Ranged Damage M - 19 C - 13 D - 19 P - 10 I - 14 R - 3 Decided on a ranged Rogue. Never been fussed on Rangers and I don't feel like micro managing a wet paper bag of a companion just so my Ranger doesn't suck when it inevitably dies. Was going to go for War Bows due to the one that stuns on Crit, combined with Rogue's ability to crit a lot. Bumped Int slightly for longer Blinds/Hobbles etc and Wood Elf for the ranged accuracy. Death Godlike Wizard - Primarily CC/Some damage M - 18 C - 10 D - 19 P - 3 I - 20 R - 8 Wizard CC is gloriously amazing in this game, can't imagine playing without it. I will take some key damage spells, Blinding Fog, Fan of Flames and Minor Blights but he's mainly going to be debuffing and CCing then just love tapping away with Arcane Blast/Wand attacks, I have plenty damage elsewhere...I think. Ok, so the big issue for me is, no Priest. I see 3 optional characters in my party, The Rogue, The Chanter and The Paladin. If I replaced the Rogue with a priest, I'd definitely lack damage. If I took the Paladin out, my frontline would be too weak. If I lost the Chanter, my ranged damage would suffer due to the lack of Aura and the Phantom Invocation is far too strong Imo. I could maybe take out the Wizard? I'm not sure, input would be appreciated, as well as any input/ideas about my party in general. Fighter and Cipher I feel a mandatory btw, I would need serious reasons to remove either. Anyway thank you!
  13. I'm curious, does anyone know a way to increase the base number of spells a Wizard can cast per day? I'm not talking about unlimited since I find that dumb, but I've always found in BG/IWD and the like that the base number developers put in is to restrictive and I like the freedom of more, just 1 or 2 more per day. Any help appreciated.
  14. Are you doing AttributeScore Durance Intelligence 20? You need to do "FindCharacter Durance", you'll get something like NPC_Durance(Clone)_0 in the console command. So then use this name instead of just "Durance" for the attributescore command. Ahhhhh it's working! Thank you very much. I just wanted to switch some points from his Resolve to his Intellect so he can be a great Buffer/Debuffer rather than the stupid stats they gave him.
  15. Can anyone figure out how to change people's Attributes? I want to change Durance's intelligence but the command "AttributeScore" which is what I've found just doesn't seem to work. I've also seen that "iroll20s" is required. I can get that command to work but not AttributeScore, any advice appreciated.
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