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  1. Every time I have had this happen has either been because the enemy uses disintegrate or my party does and it is reflected. Also, some enemy abilities seem to be able to cause wounds, so that is also another possibility.
  2. Against them I spam debuffs, party buffs and Disintegrate. Overall, the build works really well, but I so very rarely fight Kith that I don't think I have ever used Roguish Charm. I decided to pair the build with The Red Hand for a pretty flexible character: Buffs, debuffs, some minor healing, DOTs and Burtst Damage.
  3. I always play Pillars 1/2 on POTD and I don't think I have ever really thought about interrupts. I assume the megabosses and DLC require you to actually care about these? My current run will be the first with all of these. I don't want to minimize the OP's issues with the game, but I am genuinely puzzled as to how anything in the game could be considered genuinely difficult on Normal unless you gimped your party pretty hard or flipped on all the god challenges.
  4. Yeah, I tried the Debonaire/Beguiler and I felt like I was cheating. Pretty much kept charmed up on everything. And the Rogue + Debonaire bonuses made damage pretty good despite only having 10 might. I am thinking that this may be a better combo than pure beguiler if I intend to take on the Megabosses. I am going to give Monk combo a run to see how that does.
  5. Fantastic recommendations. I am seeing multiple Beguiler suggestions here, I think I may go that path. I am thinking SC Beguiler, Beguiler/Forbidden Fist and/or Beguiler/Debonaire. Imma give all three a spin through the island. I expect SC to have the easiest time, but I am willing to be surprised. That Soul Ignition trick in particular seems like it might be useful. Shame to miss out on the PL from Ascendant, but I am hoping spell frequency accounts for that.
  6. Wow. the above is really awesome insight on the main party. I am addicted to using Dual Mortars, so seeing that nice Mortar build with Tekehu means I can finally play something that is not a Bleak Walker/Rogue Mortar Nuker (seriously, I have a problem, I have been playing the game since release and beaten it 5 times, all with Bleak Walker/Rogue + Mortar or Bleak Walker/Assassin + Arquebus). Which leaves me dumbfounded as to how I should play next. Does Cipher + Debonair pair well? Any genuinely fun and powerful Cipher builds or combos?
  7. Surprised to not see any arquebus builds. Of all the weapons, I think it may actually benefit the most from TB.
  8. You can pretty much not go wrong with any Paladin subclass. I still find them to be the safest way to play a Blunderbuss Streefighter. I can see them not working very well if you are going for a full Magran's Fires run though, but a lot of things suck for those.
  9. Which is a damn shame because I JUST started using Ydwin for the expansions and it seems like she is a poor fit for most of the content.
  10. Can we have a do-over on Magran's challenge? A full god-run sounds perfect except for hers. Hers just seems annoying. At the very least a per-battle pause budget would be a much better implementation.
  11. This looks like it might be fun to play. Been meaning to try out both Trickster and a Cipher. Thoughts on stat distribution? Thinking: Race: Aumaua MIG: 10 CON: 10 DEX: 19 PER: 18 INT: 18 RES: 3 Thoughts?
  12. Which drugs are you using? One of the them provides immunity. Also, how did you configure party AI? Another member may be casting something getting rid of the status.
  13. I do not know anything about a bug, but looking at reload just requires looking at an equipped weapon's information.
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