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  1. Right now I have my character (Rogue) and 4 companion characters (Wizard, Priest, Fighter, and Chanter) all Level 4 doing the Temple right now on Hard difficulty. I would love to hire a 6th character (a fighter that is a tank so I have 2 tanks) but I'm afraid that the hired character will steal experience from my other characters and I only plan on using him until I gain one more companion.
  2. Looks awesome! Really wish I had gotten one so I could put it next to my boxed copies of all the IE games
  3. I would love a sequel and I hope after Pillars of Eternity that Obsidian realizes just how much fans want more games like this one and the old Infinity Engine games.
  4. I'm considering ordering a physical copy off of Amazon, I'm guessing it would be worth it?
  5. I would also love this feature because I keep a lot of saves going at once while playing through RPGs as big as this one . It's really my only complaint right now.
  6. I'm playing on Hard for my first playthrough since I'm used to the IE games.
  7. Agreed! I'm absolutely in love with this game, it's everything that I wanted AND MORE!
  8. Do you have some sort of proof of this being said? The release of the game is less then a day away, everyone will be enjoying Pillars of Eternity very soon.
  9. I'm really considering ordering the strategy guide or guide book...decisions decisions...
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