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  1. built a new rig this monday, Q9450 (oc'd to 3.2 ghz) 8gig ram (ddr2 1066) HD4870 Finally getting around to playing STALKER and World in Conflict this week. PS - I grabbed a Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 mobo. It's a beautiful board, had plenty of room for everything. Posted on the first run. I love it long time.
  2. Grizz

    NHL is back

    On another note. Looks like the Sabres have come up with an interesting way to bring folks back to the game. http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial/20050723/1062349.asp
  3. Why play by someone else's rules. Even in the games where I have played d20, the group usually ends up making minor tweaks. It seems to be like that for most game systems.
  4. I just see this as another stepping stone for gaming as an industry. The music biz went through this with the PMRC and now the gaming industry needs people like Frank Zappa to step up and put these people back in their places. If they push this Sims 2 thing much further maybe Wil Wright will absorb them all into his mega brain and spit them back out.
  5. I'd really like to see what the talented guys at Obsidian could come up with on their own rather than another KOTOR. At least for now.
  6. Grizz

    NHL is back

    Mike Keenan is still very hands on in his capacity as GM. The Panthers need to resign Luongo and Jokkinen if they're going to make any noise this season. Pittsburgh... Mario needs to go back to the owner's box and stop messing around with the team. He should have left Fleury in there all of last season instead of sending him down to the minors. Major shot to the kid's confidence. Hopefully he comes up big this season. I'd love to see Marty Straka back with the Pens.
  7. A lot of games need patching post release not just RPGs. Freedom Force v The Third Reich was in pretty good shape upon release. Not very fun, imo, but it was very playable upon release. I think you have this problem in any genre and with any kind of software. There are just too many different kinds of set ups out there that you need to account for...
  8. I don't need gorey animations in my game to enjoy it. Star Wars is a license that has a broad appeal with younger audiences and with the ESRB under scrutiny it may be best to keep things as they are. Its still satisfying in the game to cut through your opponents, so they don't explode into chunks. I can live with that.
  9. Grizz

    NHL is back

    My season tickets last go around weren't too expensive. About 4500 for premium seating for 41 games. It comes out to ~120/game which is less than I'd consume in a nice night out to dinner/drinking with the wife. (not counting preseason games and other "perks" as they call it just the 41 games... )
  10. "No nevermind, I don't know why I had the sudden urge to interupt you and bring the game to a screeching halt."
  11. I'm still holding out for Age of Pirates. This looked interesting but I no longer have my NWN discs. From what I read on other forums its interesting but short and not really worth paying for. I'd probably still get it if I had my NWN discs to see for myself but...
  12. I don't like d20 either. I love using GURPs and for the most part in the games that I've written for my private use I use my own system.
  13. Night watch might just give me nightmares
  14. I would really appreciate the chance to build my own crew. I think you guys took a great step in that direction with KOTOR2 by adding Mira / Hanharr and Disciple / Handmaiden but I'd like to go a step beyond. I think you guys are talented enough to be able to create a bigger pool of NPCs with just as rich of a back story as the ones given in KOTOR2 and KOTOR. Also, take the concept of seperate games further than just performing quests for different NPCs and getting to the same end (albeit different cut scenes)... Also the combat was a big issue for me. I don't know what exactly needs to change but the hack fest got a bit tedious by the end stage. THANKS for not including a giant droid factory crawl at the end of this latest installment. (got it at the beginning instead ... )
  15. It looks like the RPGs are bouncing back a bit. Akella has a few titles I'm really interested in (Metalheart, Age of Pirates and Hard to be a God) ... Guess I'll be adding NWN2 to the list now too.
  16. You're Atton! You are lucky. You've got one of those scoundrel edges that Han Solo had and a cynical wit. Your past is a bit darker than most, but your future can be as bright as you want. A shame because I intensely disliked Atton. guess I'm just not very likable.
  17. Thanks for the welcome and yeah, TNMT was best back in the early era. I still have a few of my action figures including the alligator who spoke like he was from louisiana.
  18. Grizz

    NHL is back

    That was actually reported by the LA Times. KFFL is usually my best news wire for sports info. that being said. I think the lottery is supposed to be weighted after this years. I'm dreading this upcoming draft as NY, Toronto, Detroit or LA will probably end up with the #1 pick and Sidney Crosby. Anxious to see if the Penguins are able to pick up any decent guys in free agent. Would be cool to see Marty Straka back in the Burgh.
  19. Didn't read the thread, here's a quick run down of my favorite 80s/late 90s tv shows. Please note that most of them are kids shows as I was a ... you know... kid at the time. David the Gnome Lost Cities of Gold TMNT X-Men (I think it was the one on Fox Kids) Captain Caveman Heathcliff and there was some show called the littlest koala or something like that... all the characters were marsupials and I just remember liking it because the platypus had the coolest house-submarine. You probably couldn't pay me enough to sit down and watch these today but thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
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