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  1. Anyone help me? I want to give my rangers animal companion more health (the ranger is not my main)
  2. Unfortunately I dont think there will be a POE2. Like most companies that have a successful title, OE has fallen into the "biting off more than they can chew" syndrome. Too many titles cause companies to spread their resources too thin, all games under that company suffer, most dont survive.
  3. After the way I was treated on the my.com forums (the forum for Armored Warfare), ill pass. Looks interesting though
  4. The first part is impossible as I finished that part of the map long ago, dunno if there are any bleak walkers left
  5. the graphics were fine until earlier today. part of my toons are purple, stealth mode the character turn purple, and the map is all messed up? any solutions?
  6. LOL speaking of the necklace/cloak/cape in the same slot, I have a problem with this and other games. Why can you only wear 2 rings? Dont seem right with 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. And what about earrings?
  7. No It should though Its a pretty underwhelming pet, all of them are actually.
  8. Has anyone been able to find Elcga? Ive talked to Oly, but when I talk to Lumdala the quest wont advance.
  9. And reserve characters that can be made into captains of the keep, like Eder if you dont use him. I love Crossroads keep, the people, merchants and what not, even had a resource collector. Sentrys that walk the grounds, and more attacks on the keep.
  10. I think you are doing something wrong dude. My rogue, playing on hard: Alright, so.... having not played the game yet, how does one increase their attributes beyond what they initially are (I note you have 23 points spent on Attributes, more than is possible on character generation)? Items? Do you get to increase attributes on level up? (there's surprisingly little info on what exactly happens when one levels up) Something else? (if it's story related please no spoilers other than simply saying 'story related') I ask as it'll influence my character creation. The one thing I dont like about the game. You cant ever raise the attribute points again, unless its by items. So if you have a sword that does say 21 max damage after the talents/abilities, the only way to increase damage is through "might" items.
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