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  1. I wouldn't say Paladins are better tanks, keep in mind that Fighters can use Vigorous Defense (turning their defenses to +35/+30/+30/+30 for 15 sec) once per encounter, but more importantly is that Fighters have Critical Defense (turning 20% of incoming crits into hits and 10% of hits into grazes) which is a ridiculously powerful talent. Anyway, I'm willing to concede the point only for the fact that some of the most staunch defenders of the Paladins class, calling the Paladin "A great class that simply plays different from other classes and that people are playing them wrong", have brought up your exact quote about Paladin tanks as "proof" to back their claims. That you're disagreeing with them yourself is simply amusing to see. I don't think Critical Defense is that good myself. My fighters are already stacking defense, so critical hits are either unlikely or impossible. It also means the hits-to-grazes effect is less useful. If I'm hit on a roll of 50 or higher, Critical Defense effectively transforms that into a roll of 55 or higher. But if I'm only hit on a roll of 70 or higher, Critical Defense effectively transforms it to 73 or higher. It's a talent that gets less useful the better my fighter is at his primary role.
  2. I did it at level 11 on hard with a PC Cipher, Eder, Aloth, Durance, Grieving Mother, and Pallagina. I did use some cheese though, as I pre-applied Psychovampiric Shield and the dragon slayer debuff before the fight began. Everyone but Eder and PC removed armor, both Ciphers targeted Pallagina with Tactical Meld for extra accuracy. First spell everyone cast was a debuff, followed by a Gaze of the Adragan by Aloth. That landed, and the dragon exploded due to the x4 damage buff it gives to any attack. The adds aren't a huge problem on their own.
  3. There is indeed a cure for respec-itis. Mosey on down to the nearest inn and roll up a new character.
  4. I personally like this fight. It's a optional, challenging encounter for high level players that encourages different tactics to those used in the rest of the game. Since tanking is mostly useless, focus on disabling spells instead. Such as Eyes of the Adragon; If that even graves her, you win.
  5. OK I understand now, what you are saying...............but both Accuracy and Accuracy 1 are showing up as weapon properties. I mean when i hover my mouse over the spear in the description tooltip it says *Properties: Accuracy* and when I hover mouse over my Rapeir it says *Properties: Accuracy 1*, so they are both appearing as properties, it does not shows Accuracy 1 as enchantment. But I understand what you are trying to tell me, that is, Accuracy 1 is an enchantment and can be added or overwritten but Accuracy is the inherent quality in the make of the weapon and it cannot be added or overwritten. Ah, my mistake. Just noticed that the Rapier is indeed different from the others. My guess would be that it's a typo,
  6. One of the things I really like about PoE is the ability to roll up new characters at an inn whenever you want. For this reason, I'd recommend building your main character with an eye towards dialogue options. If you ever feel like you'd rather play a different class in combat, roll one up and do so. And I'd say you could make two Chanters work. One can focus on defensive chants while the other focuses on offensive chants. Or one could focus on quick chants to use as many invocations as possible.
  7. Let me see if I can phrase it better. Accuracy 1 is an enchantment. Enchantments are a group of passive abilities that you can add to any weapon, regardless of what the weapon is.. Accuracy however, is a weapon property. Each weapon has one property, depending on the weapon. As an example, I could enchant any weapon I want with Accuracy 1. Accuracy cannot be added to any weapon however, as it is an innate ability of some weapons (such as spears). You could enchant an Accurate weapon with the Accuracy 1 enchantment, and the benefits would stack. Basically, the properties have different names, even though they do the same thing, because they're in different categories. Hope that helps.
  8. I believe Carnage applies a 10 point penalty to both accuracy and interrupt. You can test it out pretty easily if you have a Barbarian; if you hover over an item in the combat window, it will give you all the information relating to the hit (i.e. the accuracy of the hit, what you rolled, et cetera).
  9. All weapons have a single specific property (such as Accuracy, or best of two damage types). Accuracy 1 is an enchantment, which can be applied to any weapon.
  10. I dunno, I kind of like an earlier level cap. It gives me more time to play with all the highest level toys.
  11. From some experimentation with a Chanter, spell accuracy seems to be the same as your accuracy with a single, one-handed weapon. Shields still apply their accuracy penalty however.
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