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  1. Probably in the same way that they can: "catch the wind", maneuver or chase your ship, when the interface says they have 0 sails.
  2. Title is "TheRoadToEternity.mp4" and tells about how pillars of eternity(the game) were created . The film should be in the "Documentary". btw Other games on the same engine as Tyranny, Tides of numenera are 13 gb and 9.5 gb respectively. Both games without additions. Compared to other games, it's not so much, eg Witcher 3 or Mass Effect: Andromeda, DA: Inquisition is an average of 40 gb. If in doubt, you can always check the system requirements in the field of steam or anywhere on the internet.
  3. I think that uninstalling the game can help. Another solution would be to delete files from the mentioned directory, when you will not be able to start the game, it will mean that you have deleted too many files. Besides, 15 GB is not much, I have a basic game, plus two dlc and my directory has almost 25 GB. Apart from removing files added in the last patch, eg a one and a half hour movie in hd, there is probably no way to size down the game directory.
  4. If that unpausing happening then you simply don't need auto pause option any more. Just turn it off.
  5. Because you can't teleport. You're either on the grounds or have to travel there. I was sure that if you wait for the day attack this window will ask if you solve the fight manually if you accept it just teleports you to the stronghold.
  6. If PoE take the same amount of resources like ie games it would look exactly pixelated like Baldur's Gate1or 2 and played with max 800x600 resolution.
  7. I am interested in How? and which version of unity supports the game? Also do you know if it is possible to add or at least replace old models with new ones to game? Thank you in advance for answer.
  8. Resolve gives also deflection bonus with is more important than concentration in overall defence department. Deflection is direct defence against accuracy, basically it is anti-accuracy. With high deflection your character will rarely get hit or will receive less damage. Concentration play a role when character or enemy get hit while performing melee attack, reloading or casting spell. It is defence against Interruption. Successful interruption check will cancel you enemy action, additionally stopping their recovery for set amount of time, depending on used weapon, from 0.05 sec to 1
  9. Well characters being confused, charmed or dominated by spells and party infighting is ok, this is what those spells suppose to do. If I cast those spells on enemy that's the result i hope for. Only problem is that after characters are released from those states. They are still attacking each other.
  10. I think that's normal size for dialogue window. You could resize it vertically like normal os window, but that's all.
  11. Everything. It's sounds like Boscy - "Faboulus". I agree the translation for "Godlike" should be "Bogom Podobni" or if it needs to be 1 word "Bogopodobni" which is grammatically incorrect yet still much better than "Boscy". In short some aspects of the translation still can be improved but the "Godlike" translation and the female class for all npc bug are realy the most hurtfull for me. No. Anything please, but not "Bogom Podobni" or "Bogopodobni". The Boscy sound 1,000 times better. Plus, it's almost the exact translation, Anyway words "fabulous" and "godlike" in the Polish languag
  12. Unlock the camera and then what? All you will see will be a 2D plane with 3D characters hovering over it It will not solve anything. Sorry for poor English
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