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  1. Legitimate, ofcourse, seeing how one does not need to enter any cheat codes to accomplish the Adra Dragon's quick death. But I do wonder if the developers intended it because it turns a nearly impossible fight into a joke. I've seen xaurips die slower. I dunno why you had to say we're newbies. It's quite obvious anyone playing a newly released game is a newbie.
  2. How is Berath so wrong? Berath basically puts the souls back into the production line, meaning that everything's back to normal again. Future children will be born normally. Berath just recycled the souls, putting them back into the natural cycle of things. That... doesn't make me feel better about Skaen.
  3. Paralyze can work I guess, but I even failed at that. Best I did was bring its health down to about 30%. >_> I tried keeping it paralyzed but got my party insta-killed several times after the dragon snapped out of its paralyzation for even a second. Confusion and Slicken are also not always reliable in my experience. More often than not the dragon was unaffected. Unlucky? Dunno. Add to this all the enemies that swarm you, kept half my team occupied with them. I am very curious what the developers intended with this thing, how they bring it down. Do they have a perfect strategy or
  4. You're absolutely right ofcourse. I guess it's really time for me to replay those games again. I remember so little of them.
  5. I consider telling someone he's not a good player and giving ridiculous reasons is at the very least arrogant and rude. Who's he to judge? Maybe I'm too sensitive about it, but there are friendlier ways of telling people they should adjust their strategies.
  6. Wow. Calling people an inconsiderate a-hole and then say it's not a personal attack. The forum has a spoiler tag. Expect thing to be spoiled when you start reading here.
  7. Stop insulting people please. Not everyone is a star player like you. And personally, I would expect to be able to defeat a dragon without using every little trick in the game if I can steamroll the final boss. E.g. it's not that strange that people find the Adra Dragon way too hard to beat. So again, it's not necessary to insult them for lack of skills nor is it necessary to insult people who're basically telling you that you're insulting people. Anyway, I am glad I had some petrify traps on me. After a dozen tries I went 'f*** this' and had the precise thought OP has: If you'r
  8. Just try casting any level 1 or level 2 spell and you'll see they won't run out. Edit: Outside of combat ofcourse. In combat they can run out but when combat's over they'll be replenished. I always thought the Magic Missile was a bit odd. As far as I can recall it was the only spell in BG/BG2/IWD/IWD2 that got more effective as you leveled up. Would be nice to see spells like Burning Hands and Aganazer's Scorcher (sp?) be more effective as well.
  9. Rymrgand: But wouldn't these destroyed souls be robbed of a chance to have a normal life again someday? It feels kinda harsh to me. Skaen: Evil comes in great variety and Skaen is definitely not good, based on what his followers are doing and on his own words. Hoarding power and knowledge isn't necessarily evil, it depends on how you've gotten this knowledge and power and how you're going to use it. I doubt Skaen would use his power to entertain little kids at birthday parties. The dragon, well, it depends on how it got all of that gold. If it was acquired by burning down little villag
  10. Could be I guess. I have no idea what made them respawn, I only know they had respawned in every area near Valewood where there was a bounty to collect. Heck, maybe it was a side effect of installing one of the patches. No idea. I guess the only way to be sure is to hear a dev tell us if plants respawn or not.
  11. So apparently it's okay by some parents to let their kids play a game where one of the earliest scenes is a gigantic dead tree with 17 and a half dead rotting people hanging in it, as long as swear words are filtered out? Strange priorities. I don't mean to be an arse but swear words are the least of this game's problems of making it suitable for youngsters. In my humble opinion ofcourse.
  12. Plants also grow back. I've been very thorough in looting every place dry as I passed through them. Near the end of my game I decided to go after those Wanted quests and every place I visited had plants again. Dunno how much time it'd take for them to regrow though.
  13. Hylia... providing the hollowborn with a soul, does that instantly change their appearance to something normal? And what about all the hollowborn that have already been killed? Where will these souls find a home? Or will they be lost? Sorry, Hylia, no dice. Skaen and Rymrgand weren't an option since my character wasn't an evil bastard. Wael was too vague, as usual. Galawain, I don't really remember what his proposal was. Feed them to Dyrwoodans? What would that do? Make them stronger? Wouldn't that upset the natural order of things? I think Berath has the best idea. It felt right t
  14. I'm not sure where you're trying to go with this, OP, so I'm not sure about what I need to think.
  15. "Community, we need to get this game completely voice acted." Hey, don't drag me into this. I believe voice overs are fine the way they are. What's with people using 'we' so often? - Most people click through them anyway, not wanting to hear every character out. Same here. Seems like a waste to have dozens of people provide hours of spoken text that won't be listened to. That's time spent that Obsidian can definitely spend on better things. - It saves space. How much bigger would the game be if all text was voiced? - With even a little imagination you can read every character's convers
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