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  1. Since the gods are so important to the lore, it would be nice if every class had the option to choose a patron god.
  2. Maybe not grammatically, but it serves the function of telling us it is the name of a ship, thus avoiding confusion.
  3. Defiant is an adjective, so you need the article to show it is a name.
  4. Seeing that we can chose our story choices at the beginning of PE2, will there be any advantage to playing with an imported character? Will some story choices be "locked" for new characters?
  5. No. I want to go in fresh, I don't have the time and I don't think my current laptop could handle it I can barely run Pillars 1. I want to make an Eothan Priest/Kind Wayfarer, because that fits the personality of one of my characters from Pillars 1. I am guessing I should build him as a tank.
  6. Hi! Is there a smart person out there who can help me come up with a build for a priest of Eothas/kind wayfarer multiclassed character?
  7. Yes, the Wael priestess did not believe my Wael priest when I said I had given that book back to Wael, because I had used every opportunity to increase my dishonesty score. It is so counter-intuitive for an RPG that lying makes you worse at lying. Word really gets around that I pretended I didn't have a bad dream. It doesn't make you worse at lying. The Deceptive reputation is how others see you. Do you honestly (heh) expect your character being taken on their word if you consistently role-play a deceitful douchebag? I get the concept, but how does the priest of Wael know I told some frivolous lies to my friends about what happened to me before I reached Gilded Vale? And also, as a priest of Wael, I am rewarded for lying and punished for telling the truth.
  8. In this game, we get the opportunity to play a returning native of the Deadfire. Do you think that this possible homecoming will be adressed at all?
  9. Yes, the Wael priestess did not believe my Wael priest when I said I had given that book back to Wael, because I had used every opportunity to increase my dishonesty score. It is so counter-intuitive for an RPG that lying makes you worse at lying. Word really gets around that I pretended I didn't have a bad dream.
  10. One of my favourite chars is a a priest of Eothas. Do you think the game will acknowledge your choice of deity much this time around? It will stick out an awful lot if it doesn't, especially when we have two Eothas worshipping companions who are likely to talk our ears off about how much he matters to them and how confused they are. Grumble, grumble.
  11. Sorry, folks. I am an idiot and know next to nothing about game development. Well, that fills me with hope. I'll start work on a degree in August. I hope to be able to play it during the summer. *facepalm* Why did I not leave me other laptop at my mum's house!?
  12. I am currently living abroad. Before I left the country, I bought a smaller laptop and left my old one in a storage unit. I won't see it again until August. My new laptop is not all that powerful. Will the new game run smoothly on a laptop that runs the first game? I am installing that now to see how it works.
  13. That did not really work in my language. The hobbit names sounded really odd.
  14. You could make very effective tanks/damage dealers in Tyranny with a one handed weapon. Almost every hit becomes a crit. A percentage of misses are retaliated. Bah! No fun!
  15. Wasn't gladius also slang for ****? Indeed. Makes you wonder what those legionaries were thinking of when they marched off to war... Titus Pullo's favorite cuss words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPGb4STRfKw Wait till Biccus Diccus hears of this!
  16. Agree totally, if the romances are like Bioware's then they can definitely just burn them right now along with everyone who wants them. BURN THEM! Viconia, I'm coming for you!
  17. Is no one else worried that by distancing themselves from romances in past games, Obsidian puts the bar really high for themselves? The companions in PoE were great, except for the fact that there was very little sense of a relationship between them and the player. Bioware has been exploiting their stitch for a long time. Still, they are quite good at what they do. Bah! No fun! P.S. They're definitely being coy about it, but I guess that's their prerogative as developers.
  18. Be specific - how are you defining "romances"? I think Josh's Valentines update answered what I needed to know. I expect these "romances" to be relationships - deep relationships in some cases that are cultivated over the course of the game. These relationships capture the deep emotion of adult interactions - love, hate, grief, loss, joy, elation, friendship, etc. I don't expect this to be a romance with the sole intention of NSFW interactions. I expect more from Josh and the team -- and the Valentines day update aligned with those expectations. I'm oldfashioned and simple. I separate my romantic and platonic relationships. Bah! No fun!
  19. She was a ship of the old school, rather small if anything; with an old fashioned claw-footed look about her. Long seasoned and weather-stained in the typhoons and calms of all four oceans, her old hull's complexion was darkened like a French grenadier's, who has alike fought in Egypt and Siberia. Her venerable bows looked bearded. Her masts... stood stiffly up like the spines of the three old kings of Cologne. Her ancient decks were worn and wrinkled, like the pilgrim-worshipped flag-stone in Canterbury Cathedral where Beckett bled. But to all these her old antiquities, were added new and marvellous features, pertaining to the wild business that for more than half a century she had followed... She was apparelled like any barbaric Ethiopian emperor, his neck heavy with pendants of polished ivory. She was a thing of trophies. A cannibal of a craft, tricking herself forth in the chased bones of her enemies. All round, her unpanelled, open bulwarks were garnished like one continuous jaw, with the long sharp teeth of the sperm whale, inserted there for pins, to fasten her old hempen thews and tendons to. Those thews ran not through base blocks of land wood, but deftly travelled over sheaves of sea-ivory. Scorning a turnstile wheel at her reverend helm, she sported there a tiller; and that tiller was in one mass, curiously carved from the long narrow lower jaw of her hereditary foe...A noble craft, but somehow a most melancholy! All noble things are touched with that. Bah! No fun!
  20. Will there be romances or will there not be? I'm confused. I like simple words. Bah! No fun!
  21. In smaller countries, we played the games in English and learned a second language. Bah! No fun!
  22. Can we not also remove the ability to kill every character? There is little use for it. The game rarely reacts appropriately to the death of NPCs.
  23. I like that fighters are reliable. They do their job and they don't suddenly die. Other classes are a bit more complicated. They need to be looked after, though the reward for doing so is greater. Bah! No fun!
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