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  1. I am looking forward to this! Its a new catroon set to debut on Adult Swim Heres the trailer @youtube and a Wiki entry for additional info
  2. Im not sure if this one qualifies as sci-fi, but "Hyperion" by Dan Simmons is pretty good. the sequels I found to be pretty good as well Hyperion
  3. I don't know if its the accent. Bush always seemed to me to be one of them types that can talk for hours without saying a single thing. oh dang! back on topic huh? ok - GO!
  4. 'Closure' and 'My Cold Sea' by Arcana are kinda sad for me. That second song I mentioned is a little more hopeful toward the end, but they are somber tunes
  5. well Hades has a good idea. plus it would gererate revinue, which could go toward reimbursment
  6. Not totally serious. There should be an 'in' before that 'a' and soon there will be..... very soooon.....
  7. people should be punnished mercilessly, for taking these types of actions I think. Frivolous lawsuits are geting a little out of hand in America. Just a little. These two should have their fingers hacked off and planted in a rose garden
  8. Same thing occured last year as I remember. Almost the same anyways, I think the stakes were higher. They were gonna go for 3, and maybe would have gotten it, but the gamble paid
  9. So I figured maybe, if one owned a franchise or whatever the hell like the forgotten realms, and made a great movie based in that setting, just maybe, maybe, people might be drawn to your product. This Chris Taylor slap-nutt should hire me to be his good taste. Not that I wouldnt buckle under the pressure or anything
  10. Thats one of the glories of emulation! with the ability to save when ever you damn well please, games like super ghouls n'ghosts are now beatable
  11. I was just about certain I wouldnt like the first one, but I certainly did. Was a very fun movie! I'll need to pick up a bottle of rum, some blue slurpees, and some lady friends, and hit the theatres when this one comes out but uh, heres a link to another trailer, or another link to the trailer (same one? I dont know.) --LINK--
  12. but...but... That isn't exactly enough to form a proper opinion. I know your from the state of cynicism, and some would make allowances, but we are talking PS:T
  13. Perhaps before you jumped into this thread insulting the music we enjoy, you should have list whatever you listen to so we would be able to fire right back. Or maybe since no one cares about you opinion you can, well, you know for sucking....... Maiden put on the best show of the day. ah well, im just sad me and my friends were too far back to hand those jackasses the asskickings they so badly deserved. But most of the crowd was behind Maiden, and I do hope they someday come back, headlining their own tour, so I can see them again
  14. Some of the developers working on Metalheart: Replicants Rampage stated in an interview I once read that Shadowrun is one of their influences. Might be a good game
  15. we should give Baja California to the Japanese
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