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  1. maybe I only saw the stupid characters because what I saw was a bunch of crazy ass little kids with cheeky little faces.
  2. Like the waters that fall from the fountain of a thousand rivers.
  3. actually in around the time of the Exar Kun war there was a wookie on the jedi council on Couruscant.
  4. You should really read the entire topic... anyhow, this is what i posted earlier. "KOS-MOS is a beatiful weapon from a far superior game http://www.xenosaga.com/ official site. It's the prequel to Xenogears... Which was probably the best RPG on PS1. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well one things for damn sure,xeno has no chance of having nearly as cool-looking characters as star wars.
  5. Analysis:Crap:four letter word,Definition:Digested food,waist,main components of spooky's brain. Obviously your head is crap if you think controllers are crap. :cool: but yeah,I much prefer the controller because of the way that eventually it fits my hands and feels more natural.
  6. 1.Jango Fett(semi-duel) 2.it says he is the best jedi of his time.
  7. How do you say "it sucks out loud,hard." in basic?
  8. ah but it is truly not a topic if it is an untopic,so what is it?is it a figment of our imaginations?is life itself real at all?Baley,you are the chosen one,welcome,to the matrix.
  9. and since there is no topic because the topic itself is untopical because it is a question of the imagination us talking about a different matter actually puts it on topic and vice versa. first one to decipher THAT can be the assistant ambassador of Hamala.
  10. Carth's guide to looking like an angst ridden teen: Ok kids,rule number one is,only reveal bits and pieces of your past and make some up if it's boring,and if they ask about the pieces,tell them that you just can't and that you cannot trust anyone,now this will either get your parents to pay more attention to you,blow you off entirely,or send you to a mental institution,we're shooting for the first one,but you usually get 2 and 3.
  11. This world is coming into the grand age of Hamala.
  12. Points to warning Label Warning:saying things like what was said about the titanic IE. "even god himself could not sink this ship." REALLY pisses the big guy off. :cool:
  13. oh all right,you only have to watch the first season of martha stewart living,that seems painful enough.
  14. Yes human dirt we are too smart for you...to the torture chamber <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Head of torturing minion!come to me!this infadel has defied us,he must be given the most greatest of punishments...force him to watch the entire autobiography of John Kerry's life.(evil laughter here)
  15. Silent ignorant space human!get back in your cage!move damnit!
  16. okay,but we have to make sure Zuckuss is the gand that can be non-labor,he shall be the Ambassador to Hamala(Hamster Llama utopia place thingy)
  17. Query:What is a modded xbox,Master?(this time I mean it in a "hail to the king"way,not a thing to say just tom make it sound HK-ish.) Statement:I was thinking of buying the PC version due to the Labor of Team Aurora.
  18. I have a dream,where space hamsters,and space llama's rule the universe and fields of pies are grown for the hamsters and llama's greatness,and that gand's shall herd cattle for us,and soon the space men shall be obliterated by the very greatness of these creatures,and I ask you,is there anything greater?
  19. because the mighty space llama's kick sent him flying there.
  20. a llama's hoof could the stomp yoda's ass. :cool:
  21. I'd give up the D20 if I could do some real lightsaber fighting,I'll lightsaber their ass to tatooine. (w00t)
  22. I thought we agreed on DEATH LLAMA,DESTROYER OF WORLDS!
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