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  1. I know the avatar can be changed to absolutely anything, but I am pretty insistent on playing Island Aumaua but the first few dialogues that has presented itself as such puts me at "Requirement not met". I have no idea if this applies to the other races, I've had no issue with class choices so far or the cultural picks. (Because I have yet to see another race option dialogue just yet.)
  2. I noticed this in several places and thought they were just doors that I had no real access to, but after getting stuck I realize that it's a legitimate bug. I can't get out of this room and no amount of reloading will save me. Progress halted until the next patch arrives, I guess.
  3. I am completely and utterly stuck now and no saving or reloading will save me. Thanks, 1.0.3.
  4. I remember way back when you sent a letter about what the name should be in the credits section of your game. I still remember the name I submitted, and neither my Kickstarter name nor the name I submitted is in the credits. And the name was in no possible or even remotely way offensive as it was the real name and no quotations.
  5. Resolve has a lot of dialogue checks, along with Perception. The issue is that max on both those stats are only ever useful for a Tanking character.
  6. Except of course for the solo achievement and the triple crown solo achievement. Why do you think it's a picture of Josh with his smug grin?
  7. I think everyone should quote this post at all times, if they cave that easily to some Social Fedora Warrior then go right ahead. Also, being offensive to people and calling them nerd in a negative light makes you no better, Double Standard. You have no justifiable ground to be offensive to people on this thread by your own double standards, so if you are going to be offensive then that is your own fault and if you expect no retaliation then you are exactly the kind of people that people on this thread doesn't want to talk to; since you expect everyone to conform to you. Triggered much, Double Standard? just awaiting the extremely long "analytic" and "calculated" nonsensical answer trying the standard shame tactics and turning the conversation around without ever justifying your own behavior and trying to justify the whole. I am also excessively sure that you don't in any way represent the trans community, just like any Social Fedora Warrior as well. I am trans, and you are disgusting.
  8. Caving in to the social justice. Extremely disappointed and disgusted. Out of all the things that are offensive in this game, trans jokes and suicide was the one that took the bill? How the heck do you even justify that? Those fedora wearing asshats don't even represent the trans community nor do they represent those that commit suicide. Not that it would hurt anyone if they did the former. Just like uninformed hicks, they will spout and groan about anything without ANY form of information, and guess what? about a majority of the people complaining hasn't even touched, played or known about Pillars of Eternity to begin with. Social fedora warriors, when will this **** die.
  9. That's for Steam and their pre-load feature. So it's not a patch.
  10. As you would expect In case you don't watch the text on the image: Moon Godlike Fighter.
  11. So what's the deal here, I am quite confused unfortunately. Is it the damage types? I understand the whole percentile vs integer deal and why the bigger weapons are way better, but what about the damage types in general? I am quite confused, people don't want you wearing a spear but they suggest a rapier when it is essentially a minor version of it? Stiletto I might understand, but that one I don't. And then clubs, that only has a +accuracy but not maces or warhammers?
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