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  1. Don't expect to see something like this in Pillars necessarily, but this thread reminded me of the structure of Dragon Warrior IV way back. It had 4 sort of 'episodes' playing as companions in smaller storylines that foreshadowed the main quest and gave context for the world. I always thought that was an interesting structure and dug it.
  2. Woo, love the teaser updates from Josh, and appreciate you consolidating them.
  3. Stun and Paralysis (two of the most common and annoying disables) are against Fort. In this build it comes "accidentally" when buffing CON and MIG. Since chanters have low health and they draw a lot of aggro you can run out of your health pool quickly. So this is the reason to max CON. RES is a flat increase to deflection and concentration. You can solve the second one by spells/items/potions. Equipment solves the low deflection. Chants are not affected by interrupts and you don't care about your main attack. Then low RES doesn't affect this character because it gets balanced by high CON. Bull
  4. Interesting build. Question I have, while trying to wrap my head around it, well 2 questions. 1) Why such emphasis on fortitude saves (ie Bull's Fortitude) 2) Not concerned about the low will saves?
  5. I've been wanting to make a party geared primarily (obviously not exclusively though) around sneak attack damage. It started with wanting to make a Priest of Skaen as my Watcher, and then figured it could be fun to gear a party around sneak attack and disabling enemies. Just looking for general suggestions for class/role toround out the final 2 spots in the party for me. It doesn't need complete overkill down to every talent/ability, just more of a sense of their role within the party. My current thought for the roster is as follows: 1) (Watcher) Skaen Priest - Buffs, Interdicti
  6. It's not necessarily short sided. This is merely reflective of different peoples' preferences for how to play these games. It might seem short sided to you, but to another it might be one of the most important details about the game. In my many years of playing RTwP CRPGs (since the initial release of Baldur's Gate) I have never used party AI, and I don't use it for Pillars either. That said, I can agree that coming up with a really good AI set up can be enjoyable. For Dragon Age Origins, which to me is a completely different kind of game, I spent hours perfecting my party AI, and I on
  7. The "I'd go watch a movie" argument presented several times here is lazy and shortsighted. For starters, setting up AI can be a game in and of itself, one clearly a decent percent of people here enjoy. It's also a standard feature (and dare I say assumption) for party-based RPGs to have some semblance of AI in place. Lastly, controlling your PC and setting up AI for companions is not aking to doing nothing. None of this is to say the game "has to have" AI, and I played the entire game through before White March perfectly happily with no AI. It seems clear that some people do enjoy tha
  8. Apparently they were at one point more than cosmetic. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62578-torches/ Is there proof in that thread that torches were more than cosmetic? I just perused but didn't see anything that stood out to support your claim. I could have missed something obvious, of course. Having lighting affect gameplay (even just a few night-time or dungeon encounters) seems possible with PoE 2, and I do love the possibilities for use of a day/night cycle in interesting ways. I'd give Obsidian a general pass for PoE as they were building the game entirely from the g
  9. The walk toggle thing is an issue I personally have no preference on, but have found that a ton of RPG players feel very strongly about, for purposes of uhh...roleplaying, I suspect. It would be nice, and I doubt it's anything Obsidian prioritizes over fixes and balancing, but not impossible to think of it being added, or at least maybe someone will pick up the mantle from the IE Mod.
  10. The Pale Elf's racial ability isn't spectacular, but OTOH, it is a good solid ability that will always have some value. Agreed that the Pale Elf racial is a good example of one with a nice little benefit that doesn't lean strongly toward one specific play-style or role. I personally don't mind the racials as is (my first main was a Human barbarian, but I can see the perspective of not wanting to pigeon hole races. I expected racials for PoE, given the D&D inspiration and Obsidian's history with IWD1/2 and NWN2. It feels like they went for a middle ground between having some
  11. MIGHT - "simple past tense of 'may,' used to express possibility." This should govern how nonlinear you are, and how much you can switch dispositions mid-game. Also should add to sneak attack damage as you keep opponents guessing, if you think about it. CONSTITUTION - "the system of fundamental principles according to which a nation, state, corporation, or the like, is governed." Attribute checks for citing the laws of the Dyrwood in dialog. Used to craft legal documents for your companions to use in combat. DEXTERITY - "skill or adroitness in using the hands or body; agility." Us
  12. Interesting thought, there. I am about to embark on my 2nd playthrough (waited for WM pt 2), and while I generally liked the writing and story, I did find some of it, particularly early on, to be a bit murky or scattered in a fashion. It could just be that I was trying to process a new world with all of its culture and nuances along with the main plot so it felt like info overload, and the follow-up playthroughs with familiarity might bridge it all much better. This is Obsidian, I expected my fair share of descriptive/heavy text from past experiences, and I felt they definitely deliv
  13. You all are very patient people for contributing so much info and tolerating the lack of appreciation from OP, specifically after asking for tolerating OP's lack of appreciation or acknowledgement, particularly when the original post was in fact asking "I really want to know, what a Paladin is good for?" There's a lot of good info in here for people browsing with interest in how a paladin can function, and there are people who will get something out of it, at least. So thanks for that, yall.
  14. OP: Much of the complaining feels like you you're looking for reasons to dislike the game (i.e. citing a cipher having to use a gun, which is....one of like 20 options for weapons). I also can't reconcile how you claim to not be able to even start a game yet you 'know' the plot is lackluster. Sounds like the game isn't for you, and it sucks to buy a game that doesn't work out, but I'd venture it's happened to just about everyone here. I expect TTN to be quite different in it's structure and isn't going for the same thing as Pillars. Hope that works out better for ya.
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