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  1. Hehe, yea, really got my butt kicked repeatedly but the wench didn't help with anything!
  2. Did you just negate my entire existence, you racist privileged human? I AM an elf, defined as such in life and you have no right to tell me I'm not. Obsidian, please fire that guy as he promotes genocide of all my kind, I'll be waiting for your public apology over there as well as a +5 DR to all damage type for elves in the next patch. Save all elves! Kill No One that is an elf! (and dwarves because they're small, therefore insulting to tall elves!) Cant EDIT: See what I did there, ya rat bastard! <.< (this was NOT written by me) Edit (by my actual self): Did you just edit my own post your privileged human?
  3. Interesting since I actually went with Hylea myself.
  4. Well, after banging my heads against Thaos and his goons for 20 tries with my level 9-10 team on PotD (somewhat smooth run so far, only 5 reloads total), just decided to consider this 50 hours playthrough a failure, instead of loading back an old save and start grinding side quests for levels and whatnot. Some kind of closure if you fail that fight would have been nice is all, especially if there are for other situations. Ah well, new character, new story I guess...
  5. Thaos kills the Watcher. This is really something that's missing right now and it's more a suggestion than anything. Dying on the last fight against Thaos shouldn't just pop up the usual "you died" / load option but instead give a proper ending and what would be the consequences of that. Failure should be an option at this point and being able to accept that you failed would be kinda cool. Maybe just for this fight, change the reload UI to include something like "Accept death" or whatever. It's too late for PoE, but think about it for whatever comes after that.
  6. Wizards turn ALL their level 1 spells to "per encounter" at level 9 and ALL their level 2 spells to "per encounter" as well at level 11. If you compare them to druids, the issue I think is just that druids are OP just now, not wizards too weak. They do their job just fine, when needed, and in-between can do a decent job just shooting and whatnot since their accuracy isn't too bad. When you consider that you can swap grimoires during combat and whatnot, that's pretty decent. Once level 9+ though, they become a bit insane I think..4 rolling flames/fan of flames per wizard on engagement of every single fight without needing to rest will solve many "problems" I'm sure
  7. Hmm, game was rated by ESRB as 16+. From their own definition that means: "This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. More extreme bad language, the concept of the use of tobacco and drugs and the depiction of criminal activities can be content of games that are rated 16." So...what's the problem here? Obsidian's rock solid on that front, no idea why anyone from Obsidian even bothered taking this thread in consideration whether you're "shocked" or not. Just ignore it.
  8. Close to 15 years... ...15 bloody years of knowing what's missing in the gaming world and having only nostalgia to eat day in and day out, left wondering if I'd die of old age before I get to that damn vibe again that blessed my 20s. Had my doubts about PoE. Complained and what not during the Beta. But after couple hours into this release, I just got this to say: Thanks.
  9. Depends also heavily on the difficulty setting you're going to use. If you go for Normal or Easy, I'd recommend just picking the stats that you think represent your main character and go from there, no matter the class. Once in game, there are items, buffs and whatnot, plus you'll get companions and things are pretty easy overall. If you go Hard and above, then I'd recommend going for a class that has the stats you wish you have representing your main character. For example, if you want your main character to be Intelligent in dialogs, go for classes such as Druid, Wizard, Priest and to some extend Barbarian, DPS paladin. If you want Perception or Resolve, these are usually best for Defensive melee combatants (aka tanks). That said, as long as you don't dump crucial stats (ie dumping CON to 3 for a melee character, etc), you should be good to go no matter what on anything up to Hard. What's awkward? My first playthrough will be with a ranger tank using 1hd/shield, on PotD. Is that awkward? Not sure there's anything awkward in PoE really, especially at lower difficulty settings. Either you go "in character", or you min/max/completionist. It's pretty hard to do both usually. That's for you to decide really, but you can always replay the game with different characters. Edit: If you REALLY do not want to miss any dialog or something (though some choices cancel out other choices), you can always cheat all your attributes to 18 once in game. Up to you really, nobody's gonna judge in a single player cRPG
  10. Not really quality but since the more the merrier, here are about 50 portraits ready for PoE, humans males and females mostly, with big picture being full body on white background, small being zoom on face. They are numbered but just dump the ones you want (both _lg and _sm) in either the male or female folders (doesn't matter) or whatever it is for the release version. Preview | .rar Download link Small sized ones look a blurry on preview but when playing in x1080, they're just fine usually.
  11. Congratulation guys, had my doubts but you had the balls to push the release and did a really good job. +1 cookie for Obsidian and count me in for your future kickstarters.
  12. As usual, sorry if already reported Steps: Make a ranger. Level up your own Athletics for comparison. Travel about 20-30 hours. Check your character panel for pet current buffs/debuffs (bottom of panel) after zoning. Note: This might not be a bug per se, but if it isn't, it's a massive oversight as a Ranger is to some extend the pet, and vice versa. There are two solutions here that I can see: Either link pet athletics to owner (allows for perfect synergy) or put some very high default Athletics on the pet (something like 8-10) so that even if Ranger is tired, his companion is not.
  13. The OP got his answer by now I think. Let's agree to disagree on the rest and make out our own party compositions after release
  14. Rangers are high maintenance because of the pet mechanic, and you can't take their pet as a separate entity. 1) No you don't treat them as a fighter, you treat them as an extension of the ranger and need to make sure that the pet and the ranger are always in tandem, unless you need the pet for something in case damage is not your priority. That means for 1 class, you need to manipulate 2 characters, that needs to be synchronized to be effective. They also take space, which can make things difficult to handle in tight areas. That's why I consider them high maintenance. 2) Pets lack power scaling in a sense, that's true and sadly is often the case with classes linked to pets. PoE seems pretty heavy on "itemsplozion" so that might become a factor at very high level (and in extensions, etc). Wouldn't be surprised however if at some point either items will get bonus that applies to pet AND user, or, even better, if ranger gained a slot to equip their pets. We can only judge with the level 4-8 content available so far and overall pet keep up (you gain talents, etc which make up for it I guess). No idea how anything will go after release, for any class really. I do agree it's an issue though.
  15. So...you compare two classes, remove 50% of what defines one of them, and decide that the other is obviously better? "Look, I just compared fighter and wizard DPS and wizard just plain sucks! I mean, I didn't factor in situational stuff like wizard spells but if you count on that, then you need to count the fact that they need to rest for them" Look, it's simple. Ranger are very high maintenance because of the pet. If that's fine with you and you manage it proper, he'll out DPS other DPS classes by far, apart from maybe the Rogue (which is very high maintenance as well) and Monk (not only very conditional, but also high maintenance). Fighters are very stable, which is their strength really. They (and barbarians, and paladins) are perfect low maintenance melee DPS, you click on a mob, and they'll keep going without you even needing to look at them. It'll be slower, but that's the price to pay I guess and how it all brings "balance". Same is true for tanking. Fighters (and Paladins) are very low maintenance tanks, who can't do anything else apart from a couple abilities. They won't kill anything, ever. Ranger tanks are very high maintenance tanks who, while slightly less well off than what Fighter and Paladin tanks can be, will actually kill what they tank, sometimes pretty fast while providing very nice (but again, high maintenance) utility via their pet. If that doesn't matter for you, just go Paladin/Fighter. If that matters and you want to handle the maintenance, Ranger's a good pick. As a note, pets actually do pretty decent damage on their own, no idea where that idea came from. And not combining ranger with his pet is just silly, they are one class.
  16. You need to count the pet (and proper utilization of it) with the ranger and if so, in a pure DPS fighter vs a pure DPS ranger, the ranger will completely cream the fighter. Ranger class talent and pet bonds are really good when used properly. This of course is offset by the fact that without the pet, DPS rangers just can't do anything, while the fighter is easy maintenance and will just keep going, and going, and going. To each his own. Fighter has 5 more base DEF than the ranger. A DPS fighter will have 5 more DEF than a ranger, that's it. A Tank based fighter will tank a wee bit better, but will get creamed by a tank based ranger, because the fighter won't hit anything ever, while the ranger (and the pet) will hit him constantly. Fighter tanks are great because they can really ultra specialized as tank and gain a good boost to engagements but the main issue usually is that they just can't do anything else whatsoever. Meanwhile ranger tanks are slightly less specialized, but are more versatile. Clearing something solo at level 4 means nothing really. As said, rangers are high maintenance characters, that's how they "balance out" in a way. Finally, any non PotD difficulty doesn't really mean anything when discussing classes to me because enemies ACC and DEF stats are just irrelevant. You can play on Easy to Hard with anything doing whatever and it doesn't matter, Josh clearly demonstrated that a couple times (and no, his party wasn't over leveled) and you can try it out yourself in BB. If you start specializing builds on these difficulties (both defensively and offensively), you'll immediately end up with blind clickfests mowing down everything on sight. Of course this is as it is currently, it could be very different at release but I doubt it.
  17. Fighters can be DPS as well, not a problem and afaik they are the only ones who can get weapon masteries.
  18. Forgot THE most important one of all: "helmetvisibility true/fase" !! This allows you to toggle headgear visibility PER character (depends on who you have selected when you type in the command).
  19. True about the AI but hopefully that's something that can be improved upon later on, for add-ons and whatnot. And very, very few mobs are multiple possible engagements, mostly pure tank specs mobs and they don't hurt much. Even on PotD, I disengage characters when I need to though usually I try to CC them beforehand. As someone mentioned, it's very easy to see who is engaging what usually though sometimes you're not sure why Against the ghosts, it's cool as I said because it's limited to these fights and therefore makes it very challenging and unique as it completely throws your polished party tactics and formations out the window. A full dungeon with nothing but these guys however would be exhausting. Though to be honest, on non PotD difficulties, people probably won't even notice it.
  20. Then I'd say PER/INT/RES is your go to selection for dialogs. If you want to go Brutish instead of Convincing, then swap RES for MIG I guess, as you suggested? DEX is probably cool too so a MIG/DEX/INT dps will have some neat options, but I'm guessing that would suit better for brutal/evil main character (stealing things, beating people up, etc). For cutscenes, there's everything in stats, skills and items required so I wouldn't worry about it, especially since you can use companions for these.
  21. You only have 2 splits really if you're looking for efficiency... CON/PER/RES: for tanks MIG/DEX/INT: for everyone else Not sure what you're looking at with PER/INT/MIG distribution. As an aside, since I'm guessing PER/INT/RES will be the most common/useful in dialog interactions (not cutscenes though), that makes tanks pretty good main characters, which is 100% fine for me, I always pick my main as a tank anyway
  22. No, the enemies aggro you instantly so you can't toggle sneak mode and since this is after a dialog interaction and all dialog interactions remove sneak toggles by default, you're forced into it. And it's not about intelligence really. As far as I understand it from looking at the code a bit, traps have factions linked to them, which will determine who they trigger on and who they damage. I'm guessing usually (skaen temple for example), they have "enemy" as faction, which means no "enemy" will trigger them (though they probably still can take friendly fire? Not sure, depends on the spell linked to the trap I guess). Here, I'm guessing the traps are on the Neutral faction or something else and the position of the trap is clearly made to be triggered by the spiders AND damage only one or two members of your back row before you can really react (unless you know about it in advance that is). If you charge forward instantly, that's probably a party wipe, nobody can take 200 end damage and be left standing and if you go in there with something like 50% Health, that's instant character wipe as well, as in, characters are gone, forever. Putting aside the cheap encounter design, the bug here is that the log lists the spiderlings as taking 200 damage and clearly they do not. That's really what the report is about, I just needed to vent otherwise
  23. From what I've seen so far, only caster and ranged mobs have AI that makes them re-acquire targets on the fly while melee AI usually won't unless they somehow lose their current engagement and therefore are free to re-acquire,which can be a pain sometimes, as they turn from your tanks onto your melee DPSers because of it. I usually back off my DPSers, wait for re-acquire on tank, then go back in but it can be tricky sometimes. That said, the three massive (well on PotD at least) spectres/shades fights in the Soul ruins (whatever that name was, like Noodle Rhamen or something) gives a small indication of how crazy **** would be with enemies re-acquiring targets constantly. These punks really put me in panic mode sometimes though they don't do much damage thankfully. For me, It fits there because there are ghosts, can teleport (which probably is why they do that, not because of clever AI) and it creates a really unique combat situation but man it's stressful because you can't stabilize the battlefield at all.
  24. They don't, the trap is NOT of their faction (unlike all the traps in the Skaen temple for example where enemies will never trigger them because they are from their own faction). Here the trap is triggered by THEM (unique as far as I know in BB), damages them, and the game artificially ****s you over regarding party formation and marching order after a dialog interaction. Also, the bug report is about the fact that the damage listed should kill the spiders instantly, and it doesn't, which could indicate an issue somewhere.
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