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  1. This board game is made by http://www.zeroradiusgames.com/ and they will get the lion share of the profit. Obsidian will get some bits of it, if the sales are high. So in that sense this "project" is doing very well, Obsidian is not in it for profit, just to spread the earlier mentioned "brand". I will post the link to this profit sharing, as soon as i find it again. (or one of you Obsidianer's could poke in and clarify your intentions)
  2. Not to be rude, but I wonder if you understand that UI designing and programming and pathfinding and companion AI are done by different people whose work don't influence each other in anyway. And when they promise that feature that allows you to change character portrait and sounds set during game will be in next patch don't mean that they don't improve or at least try to improve those AI and pathfinding issues even if they aren't in next patch, but instead it just is the fact that enabling changing portrait and sound set during the game is much faster feature to produce than fixes for AI or pathfinding, which may even need full overhaul before they work as good as they want and there is no point to introducing quick hacks that don't solve issues fully and have potential to create more issues than they solve. My thoughts exactly, pointless to point out these priorities (p for pendetta!) when their employees are specialised with different set of skills, for different kind of tasks. It's different story with some large corporations like Bli$$ard, whose patching doesn't usually make any sense. But that aside, i'm rather pleased with the rhythm you guys are squishing these bugs flat, no matter the order.
  3. What exact version of the game do you have? Hero/Champion/Royal, did you buy it on Steam or where, did you upgrade it, did you activate a backer key? My version was a Kickstarter Hero edition, I activated it on Steam with my backer key, then I upgraded it to Champion edition on Steam. I see all the DLCs listed, almanac/soundtrack/wallpapers/ringtones etc. but when I go to install them all, Steam only downloads ~20mb of data and only the Cook Book appears in the steamapps/common/pillars of eternity -folder. I suspect the Cook Book works only because it already came with the Kickstarter Hero edition. Bought Royal (Collector's Boxed Edition) as Slacker-Backer from Pillars of Eternity website, after the Kickstarter. Activated the key and pre-downloaded it yesterday on Steam. Today it made some downloading/Installing after the release time and it downloaded that 1.8 GB reward contest, while i was playing the game. (steam pop-up windows show'd those rewards one by one while in game) If you don't see those rewards in your steamApps/common/pillars of eternity - folder, then it haven't downloaded them yet. Do you have Auto-Upgrade enabled in Steam?
  4. Each reward was in its own folder. To locate your SteamLibrary: Open Steam, cursor over top left corner of the window -> Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Steam Library Folders. Or use Windows search function for keywords like Pillars of Eternity.
  5. Dunno was it answered yet, but here it goes: PoE Steam additional rewards can be found at least from your computer (After the 1.8 GB download is completed) from location : SteamLibrary -> SteamApps -> common -> Pillars of Eternity So in other words, the download folder of steam.
  6. http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/pillars-of-eternity Currently it's at 93!
  7. They might be eating healthy, who knows. (Like myself, at first glance it looks like i am indeed dying, but in reality, my diet couldn't be more healthier.) The spirit of this topic was to ask for preferred snacks with a sparkle in the eye.
  8. Well from where i heard, i think the case of this topic is more like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaqC5FnvAEc
  9. Please don't die mate. Heh not too worry, amounts will be small. (Except for Milk!)
  10. Some Non-Alcoholic Beer: (To get the flavor while keeping clear head to suck in everything from the game) Nikolai Dark Lager (Finland/Switzerland) Warsteiner Fresh (Germany) Buckler (Holland) Bavaria Apple (Holland) And most likely a bag of crisp sea salted chips, some Finnish salty liquorice (Salmiakki, as we call it) and a big glass of Milk. That should do it.
  11. You get two copies, 1x Digital Copy (Steam or Gog) and 1x Disk Copy (DVD). 1+1=2 no?
  12. I'm impressed. During a workday, you just came and grabbed a good idea and implemented it straight into the system. Bravo, Obsidian. Bravo. Auto- slow mode should also become very useful whenever you're dashing around with fast speed mode (while clearing the last corners of fog of war for example) and run straight into some nasty enemies. Will definitely use this mode.
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