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  1. The birthing of a new thread....a beautiful thing. Porno For Pyros- Blood Rag
  2. Alberta tap water tastes like blended egg. There. I said it. oh yeah and I'm drinking iced tea. A sudden craving.
  3. Old Milwaukee. The typical Tuesday night brew.
  4. Fountains of Wayne! That's the band...I was trying to recall the group that did Stacy's Mom, because you two seem to be big fans, so I thought I'd check out other things besides that one song. Futureshop trip tomorrow. Clutch- Electric Worry
  5. Broken Family Band- Love Your Man, Love Your Woman
  6. Draken


    Horahx2! Congrats.
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Fergie covering "Barracuda" Why the heck does everyone have to ruin my childhood?
  8. Queens Of The Stone Age- No One Knows (Live In London) noice.
  9. To further elaborate on my drunken ramblings, in terms of Pirates, I didn't quite dig the whole Calypso deal where she grew into the fifty foot woman and roared some incoherent babble then turned into crabs. I just thought that could've been handled better. I saw the Queen. I thought Helen Mirren was fantastic, I completely bought her performance, and quite liked James Cromwell too. It seemed to go on for a bit too long...that was probably due to my frequent pausing of the film, though. I really liked it.
  10. Modest Mouse- Lives if you could be anything you want i bet you'd be disappointed
  11. Broken Social Scene- Lover's Spit
  12. app;le juice actually i like the taste.
  13. thing about piarets is that it was hard to keep track of all the good guys and thne bad guys. i liked davey jones' storyline though...very cool. also I thought that all the scenes with jack sparrow was too much. he's just not so enetertaing after the twentieth scene of him twitching his lip..
  14. wwent to pirates of the carribean for my birthday bash dressed as barbossa. twas fun. then got smashed/ twilight singers- sublime my girlfriend got me the sitch in time ep as a gift. sounds prety rad.
  15. Afghan Whigs- Magazine An unreleased track from the forthcoming Unbreakable. Listening to it on the band's myspace...Dulli has to be one of my top three vocalists of all time.
  16. Draken


    wow. just, wow.
  17. At an old forum of mine there was a guy who brought his girlfriend to forum. Eventually they broke up...he got banned for being a complete **** and she is still a mainstay on the forum. Love and the internet go together like comedy and Carlos Mencia...which is to say, sometimes they work out, but most of the time it's just sad.
  18. Naw, you don't have to pay. Just click "download it now" and it'll take you to the megaupload site. It's downloading now. Nice find Drabs. R.E.M.- Country Feedback/Like A Rolling Stone From the MTV Unplugged 2001 album.
  19. How did I not know about this? Should be a lively bout of ass kickery. I'm not much for RTS's (which is pretty much heresy at this forum), but Starcraft was always was fun to play to kill time.
  20. The Flaming Lips- The Spark That Bled what was this, I thought, that struck me? what kind of weapons have they got? the softest bullet ever shot
  21. Modest Mouse- Black Cadillacs
  22. I figure the Animated Series beats out Spiderman 3 any day. Primus- The Antipop
  23. Draken


    Aye. Though, I must admit, I got a little misty eyed for Charlie recollecting his "greatest hits". This season finale better be the best gotdang thing I see all year.
  24. Nice story, Drabek. I got only a single concert lined up so far, Roger Waters in June, which isn't exactly the type of show where you jump up on stage to hi-five the guitarist, but should be damn good. Afghan Whigs- Be Sweet A re-listening of Gentlemen.
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