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    ...I'm scared, Dave. Will I dream? But nah, Canucks were definitely not playing the game they should have. Luongo was giving it his all for a team that relied on him way too much...Oerwinde pretty much covered it. Sad end.
  2. Ha. I'm listening to the album from which the inspiration for that song was devised. King Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King
  3. Orange juice, no pulp. I is sick.
  4. A bag of sand? Dude...have you ever touched a woman's breast before? Answer this question: are you a virgin?
  5. Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma wow.
  6. Wow, dude. This is fantastic! I'm really happy for you. Cute pics. She's a heartbraker for sure.
  7. Draken


    That game was real depressing.
  8. Draken


    Ha, what a great game. Just got back from GM Place. How grand! My first game of the Playoffs, and it's game seven. First period was really meh; they weren't relaxed at all and the Stars managed to get a goal to slip by. Second period is where we came on strong...the puck was in their zone basically the entire time and Henrik managed to even it up with a quick one past their goal. Third period was great, real intense, and Linden's goal really decided it, and the Canucks just kept up their aggressive plays. Those extra two open net ones just sent the crowd wild... Next up, the not-so-mighty Ducks. No idea how it's gonna go...they really impressed me with their first series, but then again, they do not have Roberto Luongo. Who knows.
  9. Draken


    That's just plain old romantic. Happy birthday!
  10. I tend to listen to a lot of acid jazz in the early morning, specifically the Brand New Heavies and Brooklyn Funk Essentials. It just gets me alive and alert. Though lately I've been leaning towards more rock-oriented Steely Dan. the Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  11. Sadly this is true of most teenagers, a group I am still part of, much to my dismay. Mark Lanegan - Wish You Well Man, one teenager listening to Mark Lanegan makes up for one thousand teenagers listening to My Chemical Romance. Modest Mouse- Little Motel Can't get enough of this song. Very melancholy, very quiet...very nice.
  12. Ah, I love that song. Thanks for the suggestion. Beatles- Mother Nature's Boy I think what I least enjoy about working with teenagers is their musical taste. For instance, all-around weirdo Roy, who is seventeen, likes such generic pop-punk bands as Fall Out Boy, but says he dislikes the Beatles because "all they ever sang about was love". I cried a little inside.
  13. tenacious d - wonderboy verry good. i thought they were fantasic live. very funny.
  14. The Afghan Whigs rule, heretic. No such thing as too much Afghan Whigs. Plus, it's not a rut if we listen to many other artists as well...the Whigs are just a favorite. Modest Mouse- Missed The Boat Nice song.
  15. is it bizarre that I got hours of enjoyment from the Army Men series? Probably Outlaw Volleyball. The only good thing about that game was Steve Carell as the commentator.
  16. In my convenience store (Town Pantry; B.C's finest), we're all allowed to play whatever station we wish as long as it's "customer friendly". Usually turned into Rock 101, for me, and every customer I get seems to enjoy whatever song is on currently. Pink Floyd weekend=the awesome. Zappa- Willie the Pimp incredible musician. Edit: Any leftover guilt I felt about not buying Modest Mouse tickets when I could have is completely washed away as I just learned that the legendary and personally worshiped Jethro Tull are coming to my area this September. Not only is this incredible for me, as I love them, but Draken Senior is also a huge fan. Me and the pops seeing Jethro Tull live could quite possibly be the most Field-of-Dreams-moment we could ever experience.
  17. Modest Mouse- Little Motel I ordered some band shirts, today. Modest Mouse, Twilight Singers, Pink Floyd, and R.E.M...I felt it was a good selection.
  18. Draken


    I went dressed as a ninja to the second one. I wasn't entertained and therefore broke everyone in the theatre into six hundred and thirty two pieces simultaneously, and then scattered them throughout the realms, all in half a millisecond.
  19. The Afghan Whigs- If I Were Going Drabs or Kor: have you heard Dulli's solo album Amber Headlights? If so, is it worth purchasing?
  20. Grindhouse. I thought it was great over-the-top violence and sexuality. Plus, those trailers in between had me laughing my ass off.
  21. Friend of mine is a self-described skaficionado, so I naturally became a big fan of the Bosstones and related acts. Gotta say, Let's Face It is really great. R.E.M.- The Great Beyond
  22. Oh yeah. That's my second favorite repressed memory of this forum. The first being Drafette.
  23. I have no memories of this place. I repress them all.
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