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  1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Nature Boy
  2. Animal Collective - Peacebone
  3. Draken


    haha hahahhah corrrey oilers tanked again. to bad coglino spoiled the shutout. andit doesnt make up for the philly game still good woo
  4. Twilight Singers - Powder Burns Is it wrong that I'm more excited for the long-overdue Gutter Twins album (now fully completed and mixed!) than I am for the Radiohead record?
  5. I think she's a fine actress, just...you know...a bit mannish. Maybe I've just never seen any decent naked pics or something, who knows. I really don't want to see DoA, but my friend keeps insisting it will "be hot".
  6. Being John Malkovich. Look away...look away....look away...look away...
  7. I really don't think Milla is that hot at all.
  8. Yesss... Zappa - Willie the Pimp I'm going to Zappa Plays Zappa come November. :D
  9. Slint- Good Morning, Captain
  10. The Folksmen- Old Joe's Place I love Christopher Guest.
  11. Yeah, that's a definite deduction of indie points. I believe the only way to counter a dislike of FL is by owning the entire discography of Pavement. Flaming Lips- Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
  12. I enjoyed how they only played one song for the whole thing. ...oh, wait...
  13. Broken Family Band- Livin In Sin You're a devil woman, your heart is black but your body drives me crazy. You're a sick satanic lady, you're full of hate and I just love that
  14. Slaughter-house Five. Are you mating now?
  15. Madness - Swan Lake (Live) Howdy folks.
  16. Elton John- Tiny Dancer HOLD ME CLOSER TINY DANCER!!!!
  17. The Who - Who Are You also, sorry Kor, the Sea and Cake are so awesome. I kept humming their tunes all day.
  18. the Sea and Cake - introducing
  19. mine's best. Clutch - Electric Worry
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxWgRY1I_SI&eurl= lulz.
  21. Arctic Monkeys- Dancing Shoes A teenage accomplice of mine is attempting to turn me onto this band so I'll go to their show with him when they come by. I was hesitant, but this album ain't half bad.
  22. ...but not as good as ReBoot.
  23. Trevor? Karate lessons? that was awesome.
  24. Yes! Yes! This is so awesome. I still have action figures of those Red and Blue robots! :D But yeah. The show kicked ass.
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