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  1. The Charm bag issue was Steam only, I couldn't replicate it on iOS.
  2. I get a game breaking glitch in the steam version when I'm in an adventure and I click the Charm Pouch in the very bottom right of the screen, it doesn't actually open up the charm menu like on ios, but it does lock the rest of the screen leaving me only to force quit the game. After it locks up, pressing Esc brings up the setting menu and when closing the setting menu the game is no longer locked up, but it still won't bring up the Charm menu.
  3. Sounds like you would love to play Damiel, he is a character in the next adventure path. http://static1.paizo.com/image/content/PathfinderACG/PZO6011-DamielFront.jpg
  4. Because that card she displays is not allowed to be one the cards that gets recharged from her discard pile, ergo it must be displayed while the cure is taking place.
  5. 3-4 is defiantly my favorite, but it's really your party members that make all the difference, Merisiel is actually pretty fun to run solo, but don't try that with Kyra. I would avoid permadeath for now to prevent character death do to glitches and bugs, once they release a few updates then I might turn permadeath on.
  6. In the base box there are 3 cures, but the character expansion deck adds at least 1 more. Did you buy the season pass, if you did you should have access the the character expansion deck, deck C, check your gallery on the home screen.
  7. This happened to me as well: iPad air iOS 9.3 I was running Black Fang's Dungeon on the middle difficulty level Wildcard was the 5 less blessing in the blessing deck and the if you encounter an undead monster everyone at the location must summon and encounter and Ancient Skeleton. Seoni encountered the henchman(Ancient Skeleton) at the Warrens location, she defeated the Ancient Skeleton but because it had the undead trait she had to summon and encounter another Ancient Skeleton, instead of fighting the second one I used Seoni's Cape of Escape item to evade the encounter and move. I moved to the Shrine of Lamashtu and because I had defeated the first Ancient Skeleton I was prompted to attempt to close the location, but instead of the check to close the Warrens it gave me the check to close the Shrine of Lamashtu, which I succeeded at and it closed the Shrine of Lamashtu. Since the verbiage on the henchman specifically says "you may attempt to close this location" I think the closing check should have been for the Warrens, not the Shrine of Lamashtu.
  8. When you rebuild your deck at the end of the scenario, do the cards you don't take qualify as "banished" or are they just returned to the box? EDIT: From the rulebook: "If you have cards left over after rebuilding all of the surviving characters’ decks, put them back in the box." They do not use the term "Banished", so they must go back in the box. When a Character dies: "The other characters may use the dead character’s cards when they rebuild their decks after the scenario; any cards they don’t keep are banished." dead characters banished cards can be removed from the box if they are basic or elite. "Explore: When you explore, flip over the top card of your current location deck. If it’s a boon, you may attempt to acquire it; if you don’t, banish it. If it’s a bane, you must try to defeat it." I concur then, you should have the option to not attempt to acquire a boon.
  9. Basic and Elite Banes are the only cards that are required to be removed at that point. Basic and Elite Boons may optionally be removed when returned to the box. Also I don't see many cases where acquiring a card you don't need as being a bad thing, you can use it to take damage, many character abilities say discard a card to do a thing, it adds more "health" to your character, and besides at the end of your turn you can just discard it when you reset your hand anyway.
  10. I like the unlockable legendary mode adding in limited location movement, but have you also considered a variable player order mode? Basically allowing you to take player turn in any order you wish, but all other characters must take their turns before any one character takes another turn, this variant does make the game easier but it allows for a lot more strategic planning, and I feel it would go well with the limited movement variant.
  11. The AMA is live! https://www.reddit.com/r/Pathfinder_ACG/comments/4645e0/ama_we_are_obsidian_entertainment_the_developers/ Get over there and ask some questions!
  12. What exactly do you guys expect us to do for the next 2 months given this information!
  13. Even when (if) they do add Online play it will almost certainly be real time online play only. Unless they completely change the rules on how players help each other on checks, asynchronous play is not really an option.
  14. I would imagine that the app will be free with the base 3 scenarios available (to get new people hooked) as a try before you buy type thing. and that the 6 adventure packs would be available individually via in app purchase and maybe a bundle that includes all 6 at a cheaper price, probably a few in app purchases for promos and/or extra characters as well.
  15. I assume that the numbers in the upper left tell you how many of each type of card is in the location, do each of the corresponding numbers go down after you acquire or banish a given card? For example if the mercenary is defeated will the monster card count drop to 3 or stay at 4?
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