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  1. So, it worked for me, thanks a lot for this solution! But at my next try I ran into the very same bug again... So maybe I will skip my Legendary playthrough of Black Tower until this bug is fixed...
  2. So... there is no other solution to this bug other than to uninstall and loose all my progress in all my parties? Sure, my characters will still be there, but I have to play again at least 64 times before I'm back at the point of progress where I am at the moment? And with the possibility to run into this kind of bug again? Honestly? Sure I love this game and I would play the whole path again some time but with a different party, not with characters with which I played already 70+ games. On the other hand I would like to finish the campaign (of course)! So: Is there no possibility t
  3. I have the Same Problem, so I would be Interested in this Too! But if this deletes all my Progress for my legendary playthrough I would prefer another solution as this is my main Party,!
  4. I think, this is a really good idea! Release it as a full game for 25$, which comes with the full bundle and also offer either a f2p version or a demo (demo would probably be better), which has the content of the free mobile App (including the possibility to "upgrade" to full version for 25$).
  5. And every Newbie should stop being a Newbie someway down the road to unlock all those nice things... Because if you played a game 30+ hours I would think that you don't are a Newbie anymore...
  6. Or maybe just use a dice? Could be better for your sanity... if you care about such a thing!
  7. Hmm... That's both interesting and somewhat comforting, as it would have felt wrong (even if it is in a good way) if the behaviour would have been as I described.... Thanks for trying and letting us know!
  8. A possible solution could be to start a new story with a new party and play the first three adventures again. As far as I know you should be able to get the gold for this new party again.
  9. If you have 1copy of a specific card in your vault, then your characters can only have one copy of that card. However, if a character in Quest mode has this card but is not part of the actual party for this quest, the card can be encountered (and obtained) again. If both of these characters are later in the same party, you have two copies of this card in your party. At least this is how I understand it (haven't tried). If this is the case it would be possible, to farm that card with one character and if you got it start a quest with that and the one already has the card, trade it and far
  10. Makes sense... the more weapons you already have the smaller is the pool of available weapons. Haven't thought about that. Well... another strategy could be to wait until AD4 is out and play a couple of adventures there to remove those basic weapons from the pool.... But this will also remove the basic banes from the pool, which makes the process a bit harder....
  11. And why would a party with lots of weapon slots increase the chance to find this bow? I would say, look for an adventure which has locations with a lot of possible weapons and take as many chars as "good weapon loctions" are in the adventure. These chars should mainly have good dex scores, so that they can aquire the bow if you encounter it...
  12. Well, if it is the same as in the physical game, then it means that if you have 5 axes, you can get up to 5 axes and with every axe you get (and include in your descks) you would lessen the chance to encounter the other axes, because there are fewer left. But I'm not sure if it works also this way in the digital version of the game....
  13. That's a bold move! But such a good game! I'm playing a lot of D3 lately, mixed with a bit of Wolfenstein. Haven't played Wolfenstein when it came out, so I thought it's about time... On my PS4 I'm playing Divinity: Original Sin once a week in Co-Op with a friend and work my way through the TellTale Games. Borderlands and Wolf among us are already finished (and I LOVED TWaU!) and playing Game of Thrones now. That's also great! It's almost like watching an Episode of the series...
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