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  1. Hm, start of the conversation, he (the commander) remark on me not killing his men until the two (at the start of the map), then, it conclude as to "keep the fight on" ?? So, there is a variable as to the amount of dead, but it was not used as to have an alternate path to killing them (best one would have be to "purchase them" it is not ?).
  2. In pillar, there is no mention as to Elves of others specifics (life duration, etc). So, the gray area are quite to many as to know anything out of them being "barbarian" (from the roman view : those of another culture).
  3. Indeed, the testers did overlap quite some possibles player actions, sneaking to the commander for example, it being careful its quite ok with few troops. This knowing that as to dialogues, one character opening it will warp the others team members (why it is not so as to entry to inside area ? That said, its another major oversight (in BG and quite some others it was alright to send only one character into a locations, on some (rarely) occasion Ive even had character in three separate buildings (BG2, on the dock I guess).
  4. Given their equipments, clear specialized (high end at that) troops in the quest, in would indicate quite evolved society, could still be a tribal system, but, as to have the mean to produce high tier items the requirements are heavy (knowledge then tools or not resources themselves), which could be possible if the tribe each has a given responsibility (mining here, religion there, martial etc) ? Then, having mage, yes, there should be some very nice building, hm. Still, there is to little to tell exactly.
  5. Hello, Something I had already seen years ago, if doing the hearing first, then visiting the castle steward, it would make sense to tell them about the real reason of the babys subject.. Still, not an option at all. Of course, that would have made a possible deep change, still, its a RPG dammit ! This being one among others of the missing links between story, quests and progress of the PC.. Since there is no community editor as to make quest changes .. .
  6. Its is possible to have his name then choose to kill them (her) later. What I wonder is about the Lord, He has power and money, as such, can make quite some "good", still, is that the best way ? Gray toward Dark it is, or not, mostly light if thinking to others first.
  7. +1, it doest not make sense as it is, as to any commercial transaction, don't give the other party what they want before you have received what you want/are due. In any case, the two skills related goes bad, which is also strange (having requirement as to not reach the best option ?). .. Strange quest it is.
  8. What would be correct way to change the reputation with the towns/groups ? The "AddTalent "charname" "talentname"" using the correct "tln_name_of_talent" give an error (the basic one with the command not known).
  9. Confirmed, it is the release version as far I can tell.
  10. +1, bug as there is money (at last, on the party "account"), still, first time it was time for pay day = "Currently Unpaid".. Another gap found it seem.
  11. Hello, Character creation, Ranger Class, while on the Attributes selection page, seen this : "When one is wounded, the can sense" Obvioulsy a word is missing, guess it would be "other". Checked, that word is also missing in the previous screen (selection of said Animal Companion).
  12. Indeed, another caveat identified there. Quite lore breaking, still, a notice as to "stop" there would have make sense, which make me wonder how the peoples testing the game actually think about all these issues ?
  13. Same here, not detected while finding the scroll in the archive, talked to the dwarf again afterward, no worry. Followed on the God instruction and did not get back with the scroll, still, it sound like something is wrong. (Bringing back news that it is their god who set the "theft" in place as to have at last some move over his artifact (surprise, how boring would it be to be a god with only contact with High Priest, always on the very same base ? Sic.) If anything, same worry as to last save, as there is only a lone auto save slot (two or three would have make the issue quite easier to get
  14. In case, cheatengine = quite evolved control & debug of character + several others parts of the game (that script is quite evolved already). Then, stange how it goes, with an achievement needed for "completion" only available if game is backed + brought from Steam ? ! No surprise this said, a tool exist based upon use it is made of. Adaptation, I guess an editor would be what we need, any word about that so far ?
  15. +1 On that part, having access to the journal while in conversation would be nice (as to get back on with prior data). Then, Dev commentary, interesting, but, most are quite to hasty/quick said, which made them quite hard to understand. Also, it should go in the UI topic but since I cant make another post after this one : A way to change (expand + transparency) the information box (combat + text), as fixed as it is now = quite to limited / difficult to keep track as to what is going on (exploration small, combat & some others time = expanded). If the game was made for console, I guess
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