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  1. I dunno if it's been mentioned before, but was the patch rushed out the door the way the game was to try maintain PR on LA's part?
  2. Do big items like weapons or armour get broken when you bash lockers? Because I found that there was so much loot around, the only time I needed to pick locks was when I was too weak to bash them. I didn't really care too much if I destroyed stuff inside, otherwise.
  3. Did anyone have a problem hooking up the refugee with the pilot on Nar Shaddaa? After getting their quests logged in my journal, when I went to speak to each of them, I could only respond with the "still looking" option.
  4. I'm going to have to go through the Influence thread and work out the most efficient way of getting the most out of the characters. I think that'll be the best way to get the most out of my games.
  5. I made the mistake of autolevelling my party members out of laziness. That sucked because when I went to rescue the exile from Goto, the most effective party I could piece together was T3-M4 and Handmaiden. And I only brought Handmaiden along because I needed someone to draw fire while I shot stuff from afar with T3, who was by far the longest lasting NPC at that time. He has mad defence.
  6. Heh, this is the "tell them they're doomed" option: http://img122.exs.cx/img122/8673/doomed19ly.jpg http://img122.exs.cx/img122/8076/doomed26wp.jpg <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you for those! They're hilarious!
  7. Seemed only fair to post the question, since both biological sexes got some lovin'.
  8. Seemed only fair to post the question, since both biological sexes got some lovin'.
  9. Seemed only fair to post the question, since both biological sexes got some lovin'.
  10. I had lots: * I loved the [Persuade] and [Persuade/Lie] options that T3-M4 has when you talk to the droid in his solo act on Nar Shaddaa. Makes me wonder what he was trying to say. * Also, when you're zipping around Telos as the protocol droid on behalf of the Ithorians and you tell the astromech droid in Czerka not to fire upon the personnel, thereby creating a diversion while you sneak out with the files. * When you're on Dantooine and you meet the guy with the "gland". That whole conversation is funny, from when you first introduce yourself as the famous spelunker, right up to when you give him back his gland, lest he become the laughing stock of the other mercs. * I didn't say any of them because I was a light sider, but I laughed when I saw the options to drain the morale of the guys defending Dantooine from the merc. attack, like "Tell them they're doomed." * The character on Nar Shaddaa called Bik who is just lying on the floor. When you try and talk to him, it says he's in no state to have a conversation. Gold! * And in Nar Shaddaa when you can force persuade the guy to jump off the platform. * I also liked the meeting with the original owner of the Ebon Hawk. And when you ask him to prove he's who he says he is, he makes a comment about the turrets being slow and unresponsive. * When you are first told about the Twin Suns, the responses are hilarious. * When you ask G0-T0 for stuff you have plenty of, he goes: "No, you have enough. And as I tell all my employees...make do with less." Typical harsh businessman, funny as. * When you talk to the Mandalorian merchant about honour in being one, he says Mandalorians are not merchants. And you have the option to rant about his hypocrisy. * "You ran out of ammo? Isn't that against the Mandalorian Code?" * And later on..."Don't press that button! It'll blow up all my charges!" "[Press Button] You mean this button here?" * Vix, the guy you meet on Onderon who likes swoop racing is funny. That's a pretty sizable chunk of the more specific stuff. I managed to get screenies of most of the funny stuff, but I did miss a couple of bits.
  11. I ended up finding the thread, but thanks for the answer all the same. And the bonus answer to my aside.
  12. I think that's there to make a distinction between traditional Jedi, and Dark Jedi.
  13. I've been checking out a couple of character threads (after searching for the best female character poll :"> which I still cannot find), and saw people mention a HK pacifist upgrade. Where do I get it, and how does it change HK's character?
  14. Thanks for all your help guys. It's going to make planning much easier now.
  15. Is there an optimum planet order to go through? I went Dantooine -> Nar Shaddaa -> Onderon -> Korriban. It wasn't the best way to go about it in my opinion. Nar Shaddaa was pretty hard that early on because Mira sucked going solo. Also, as a lightsider, would the competing vendors on Nar Shaddaa quest have worked out better if I'd done Onderon and Dantooine first? So I have access to more stuff right away? Or doesn't Onderon give any stuff to the vendor at all?
  16. I thought the reason for the romances being kind of weak was because you were directly influencing them. Remember Kreia's revelation about how you are a leader and the path you walk is one followed by those with you? It's the same reason why when I played a lightside male, I had Mandalore's Light/Dark bar up in the lightside. I thought it was really strange until Kreia said that my unique power to form bonds with others was what was causing it. Similarly, when I spoke to Visas just before the battle with Darth Nihilus, you have the option of telling her that what she feels for me is just a strong force bond. Because of her uniqueness, she sees past it, but I can't imagine the Handmaiden, or the males in the female run-through would be so insightful about your power over them. So what I'm trying to say is that the romances are weak because they aren't really genuine, but a result of forming such strong force bonds with those who accompany you. Just a thought, anyway.
  17. Ah, it's good to see the Carthologists around still. It must be depressing to finally find out that Carth's an admiral, and his love is off somewhere being all dark and mysterious. Or is she? I played Knights 2 saying Revan was a guy; does Carth have something different to say about Reven if she's a she?
  18. I say just go through all the fancy car names and tack it at the end of Darth.
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