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  1. If I'm not mistaken Lucasarts has not made ANY world wide releases (plz correct me if I'm wrong), so I dont expect them to start now! I always end up ordering most of the games from amazon.co.uk Not only are the games cheaper, but I get them 1 month before they even hit the stores here in Portugal <_< .
  2. That would be a nice ad-on for sith players. IMO you should only be able to choose a sith tatoo after having access to one of the sith prestige classes.
  3. If they make ranged weapons too powerfull, I fear that the combat sequences will be far too easy. You start this game as a Jedi and the lightsaber already deals lots of damage to the enemies. If on top of this you have a couple of party members shooting like crazy at your enemies from afar while you're acting as an already powerfull "tank", the combat sequences will not be challenging. If they're not challanging, the game will be boring. <_< In my opinion the key lies in achieveing a balance in the damage dealt between ranged and non-ranged weapons. Let's hope Obsidian gets it right
  4. From what I was able to decipher from the SS, the PC is wielding a short saber and a funny looking lightsaber (have to agree with the glitch possibility). I don't know if the girl's saber is different from the normal Kotor sabers at all... Hopefully new SSs will be released in which we can contemplate the new hilts in greater detail.
  5. There is no ROUGE Leader game...It's called ROGUE Leader! Rouge means red in french
  6. IMO at this point the, game seems to be more like an expansion than a NEW game There is still a lot of time before the game is available on stores though, so I'm hoping, that the Devs will come up with something more "refreshing" for KotOR2
  7. I misunderstood what you said in your post and I was too lazy to delete what I had already written.
  8. He has a tomb in the Valley of the Sith on Korriban (KotOR). Other than that I have no clue who the guy was, there is no reference to him in the starwars databank neither!!
  9. Wow, only one vote for Exar Kun so far (mine ). Exar's resolve and dedication to the Dark side were far greater than Vader's, he was simply the Emperor's "lap-dog" (a powerfull lap-dog ).
  10. I also sugested dismembrament but got convinced that it could not work in a game like KotOR2. If you can chop someone's hand off, then so can every other enemy do it to you. The game mechanics in KotOR would not allow it, since you only DIED when every single party member had fallen in combat. Imagine your character lost his hand in combat but your other NPCs would defeat that enemy. The game would continue and you would be left without a hand !! (in case KotOR2 battle system continues to be the same as KotOR)
  11. Didn't you read Brian's reply ?!? Computer gaming world has a cover picture of the silver haired girl (do we get a name yet ?!?), but no poster, cheap bastards, i wanted the girl, not the sith lord... When I started to write my reply Brian's wasn't available yet.
  12. Nice find Raven I suppose they are real...doubt anyone has such modding abilities!
  13. Thats more or less what he did in KotOR <_< I can't remember using him, other than opening the door to the Sith Base!
  14. Agreed !! And even if one did not follow DS in KotOR he should be maggot food by the time of KotOR2 :angry: The only meat-bag NPC I really liked was Jolee!
  15. OH plz!!! We're in the 21st century ppl... Alexia was kind enough to change her AV (she didn't have to though), so let's just DROP this subject. Case Closed
  16. What started as "goofing around" is getting into one of those classic Male vs. Female arguments that will go WAY beyond 20 pages <_< . Let's just drop this topic and continue with sth that's actually SW related.
  17. Meh, i didn't mean to give her an hard time. Personally, i'm happy the stereotype if finally starting to die, god knows if i'm tired of the rabid, greasy 13 years that corrobates my online gaming pleasure... Amen
  18. What gave you that silly idea Yet another female that is caught in the epic battle of modern time, the fight against discrimination in a society that is built upon prejudices. Wellcome to the real world
  19. Including the seven forms would be awesome (have to agree that it would take some work to implement seven different combat animations)!! Great Idea!! Btw Mace Windu would OWN Dooku in a duel... B)
  20. Amnesia whipes out part or all of your memories. If you black out you will remember everything up to the that specific point. Chris' statement is still correct, there is no amnesia. *Post edited*
  21. The chances of KotOR2 going wrong are, in my opinion, very slim. Bioware has helped Obsidian BIG TIME by providing the game engine and a kick-ass background story. Obsidian has all the right foundations to make KotOR2 an even bigger success. I don't know who's in charge of creating the story-board for KotOR2 but I would guess it is someone from Lucasarts and so far I don't have anything against the story-boards from previous Lucasarts games (I haven't played all of them obviously). I expect this game to be great and I trust the guys at Obsidian are capable of doing it.
  22. EU, thats the Expanded Universe I've heard people mention before ? Is that some kind of expansion to the D20 rules, or is it something completely different ? The EU is a continuation of the Star Wars Saga, there are books, comics and games that tell you stories that take place after the fall of the Empire and so on... I've never read any of the books (played the games though ) but you can check the starwars databank for more info about this. Star Wars Databank
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