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  1. Just finished re-reading The Cruelest Miles. I posted about it a few pages back. It's about the dog sled relay to get the first part of a diphtheria vaccine from Anchorage to Nome. What a great book. Worth reading twice.
  2. Going up to Dyersburg to do some landscaping on my lot up there. I got a nasty letter from the city. Well, it HAS been a while.
  3. Tell me this is not the greatest birthday cake ever!
  4. No actually it’s not like that at all.
  5. Eisenhower. More limited than under Bush in 88 anyway. Certainly more than anything that came after
  6. Well there was the Democrats back in Thomas Jefferson’s day. The Whig party some of the time. The republican party off and on following World War II. And if you are fond of shaggy dog stories is there is the Libertarian party.
  7. Sadly true. There is no party of limited government now.
  8. Scary isn’t it? You know I always suspected this would happen in the US one day. But I always thought it would be the Democrats.
  9. Could Trump Stage a Coup this is the kind of news reporting I would normally scoff at. But nothing is normal this year. But no, LOL, he’s not going to do that no one would ever support him even if he wanted to
  10. I would not say opposition to both candidates leads to a center position. But I also would not call opposition to either or both candidates faulty reasoning. Political affiliations are not a mathematical proof. There is no single correct answer. For someone who values limited and constitutional government and personal liberty there are ample reasons to oppose both candidates. Indeed the logical reasoning of such a voter can lead to little else that mutual opposition. To support one or the other such a voter must begin to make compromises on their beliefs. What will they trade in return for wha
  11. I posted this a page or two ago but since you brought it up it’s right on point. I won’t pretend to know the mind of Trump voters but I would imagine a good percentage of them are not voting for anything so much as against the alternative. No matter how horrible Trump was it doesn’t make Biden good. In 2016 I can almost guarantee you the majority of trumps support was opposition to Hillary.
  12. One more thing. Demonstrating that sour grapes is a bipartisan dish, a number of left wing Dems are grumbling about disproportionate representation in the Senate again since it is highly probable the GOP might retain control. I have a solution to that problem. And it is an elegant solution in that is not only "fixes" the Senate but also restores some of the power lost by the House of Representatives AND will stop the bleeding of the State governments that see Leviathan usurp more and more power that is solely theirs. That solution is to repeal the 17th Amendment. Prior to it's passage the Sen
  13. After Pre election polling has been laughably wrong three of the last four elections it is probably fair to say the entire polling process has been thoroughly discredited. It probably should be ignored going forward. But of course it won’t be. Trump would have us believe that pre-election polling was a left-wing tactic to depress his voter base. That of course does not make sense because there are numerous polling organizations that are competing with each other. Competitors don’t collaborate generally speaking. speaking of Trump, yes he did receive the second most votes o
  14. McConnell is paying lip service I think. He and Biden have been friends for years. I don’t think he’ll be sorry to see Trump gone
  15. @ShadySands, @ManifestedISO Our motto was "Always Faithful". But it was not to a President nor to a government that we pledged fidelity It was to the country, our countrymen, our bothers and sisters in arms, and to ourselves. Years have passed since we turned away from battles and watches. The service we gave fading from all memory but our own. But once a Marine always a Marine. Always faithful we remain. Happy Birthday my brothers!
  16. Oh OK. That makes more sense then!
  17. @Gromniryou were right. Even I could not predict how low he’d stoop. Despite his long history in public life which made this all but assured. He even made me of all people look optimistic. On another note I saw on the news there were fireworks in London and they rang the bell‘s in Paris win Biden won. What the hell? They really need to get a life. The outcome of the US presidential election is not that consequential. Especially for the Georgia senate runoff goes the ways we hope.
  18. Achilles is right. If Trump ended up getting Arizona it wont help him. He'd need to overturn Arizona, AND Pennsylvania, OR Michigan and still get North Carolina AND Georgia. And he's not going to win Georgia. That is why the court challenges are moot. He'd have to win almost all of them and even then that won't get him to the promised land because he's far enough behind it's unlikely there are enough "illegal" votes to toss. Was there voter fraud? Almost certainly. Was Joe Biden the beneficiary of it? Again almost certainly. But it is near impossible to prove in court that it altere
  19. Well I have to say I am quite pleased to see the back of side of Trump on his way out the door. Whenever he gets around to walking (or is dragged) through it. That does not make me love Joe Biden in any way. He is simply a slightly less defective replacement of a faulty cog. But I will say if both of the Senate seats going to a runoff in Georgia are retained by the Republicans I will sleep a lot better at night. Unified government is not a thing a wise person should wish for. At least not in this country.
  20. Didn’t know it happened until 10 minutes ago. Have to read up on the details. The United States government has never been shy about turning the military on civilians
  21. I got some great news. It turns out the Tampa Bay rays really won the World Series after all. All I had to do is refuse to accept that the Dodgers actually won. Clearly there were some irregularities in game six. So anyway now the Rays are the champs. I can’t wait to order my T-shirt on Amazon. Any day now right?
  22. Alex Trebek passes away at age 80
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