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  1. It would be terrifying to have a mouse or a rat in the garden, immortal, crow/koi carp style, maybe in a very high level, not usually accessed area.
  2. Is very hard to distinguish between Armor Glue and Super Armor Glue in the inventory. It would be as simple as the icon of the Super Armor Glue having two crisscrossing band-aids instead of only one. It gets annoying when you are handling tier 2 armors and you have Armor Glue still around.
  3. Having the oak tree in the center of the garden is an awesome idea, and I'm sure a lot of people did as I did and tried to build around the tree. The problem is that the collider in the tree seems to be very simple up the trunk and doesn't follow it's shape, so although it allows you to build almost everywhere, the collider stops the character 2 or 3 (relative) meters from the surface, like a force field. You can't build the structures snug enough to the tree (well, you can, but you can't use them) and you end up with weird constructions if you want the platforms not looking like floating in t
  4. It looks like there's already a way to accomplish that (video).
  5. This is a very good point and I totally agree. Probably you should move this post to the feedback/suggestions forum. If the devs are reading posts it's a lot more probable they read the ones there. This is a great suggestion.
  6. Yes, that would be great Edit: It seems that you can already do that. If you look at the line instead of the structure and press x (on pc) you remove just the line. It's easier if you are under the structure so you don't brake it by mistake.
  7. It would be great to have a fly option on creative mode. It's very tedious to create complex structures without it.
  8. That's on the next update (not the catching part though, they will be more or less on scale, so humongous)
  9. Yes please, or have some kind of shelves that allow it.
  10. I agree with both of those. The hotdog icon is confusing, and I would like more elements for base design like pillars, maybe half stairs, planks to create shelves, other storing furniture, etc.
  11. I filed a bug and they answered that despite not being in the known issues list this is a known issue that they're investigating right now. Hopefully there'll be something done for the upcoming update. I will try it in the open server when they open access and see if it's fixed there.
  12. I actually agree with what you're saying, there's definitely things that could be done to improve the picking-up-spears mechanics and make throwing spears a legit build without you having to be loaded with spears. Although I'm not sure if what you say about grass planks is still true with tier II spears like the trident. Probably I'm biased by playing with a friend, but what I mean is that I've also killed all bug types on my own except bombardiers and wolf spiders (which are the ones that are not trivial in co-op), and the club is still very useful if you manage to time the par
  13. I can't believe ladders are not a thing yet. Maybe it's because it needs an additional animation? Or maybe it's because it would make easier to climb to weird places, but that's easily solvable with a height limitation. There's very few places you can't get to using a staircase with enough commitment. And if the problem is that the devs don't want to make it too cheap to go higher, needing two stems and rope should make it expensive enough so it's not a cheap solution. But ladders are a must in my opinion.
  14. I don't understand why doors are so tall. There's clearly a standard height to build floors, as the staircase has a fixed height. The problem is that if you create a second floor at staircase hight and you have doors separating rooms below, the doors peek through the ground, so either you have very tall and expensive buildings so every floor is two staircases high, or you can't use doors for anything but exterior walls. Half stairs to make more dynamic buildings would be awesome as well, and would solve this problem, but I'm inclined to think that's way harder than just make the doors low
  15. It's already planned to make what you have equiped and what's in the hotpouch to be extra space. What I would love to see is an ant with saddlebags, like minecraft's llamas.
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