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  1. I agree that you may just not be at that point yet with gear because I had similar frustrations about the enemies being too difficult on my single player game but with standing out of reach with a bow and arrow it was barely doable in the past. Just in the past week I made Ladybug armor and a bone trident (with the mutation) and now I feel confident in facing almost any bug (wolf spiders are still pretty difficult) head on.
  2. I noticed that also but then stumbled on the actual ingredients list in my menus somewhere (not in the smoothie maker menu but in like my notess or something) but I dont remember exactly where it was. Maybe poke around in there a bit and see if you can find them there? But it would be nice to have them on the actual smoothie maker as well.
  3. ah, well today I found the recipe guide on google My bad! I have no clue how I would have found these recipes through game play though aside from wasting a ton of resources trying different combinations. Am I missing something there? Maybe that should be simplified a bit more or hinted at what to try. Stoked I found the recipes though!!
  4. It would be very helpful if a burgle chip gives you the ability to purchase a backpack upgrade that lets you carry more OR adding a toolbelt to the list of armor you can make, that way you can carry a few different tools on you without taking up so much of your backpack.
  5. I had a cool thought while playing the other day, what if you allowed for more bugs to be cooked/dried and eaten and with that having different bugs give you different short bursts of skill improvements. Or even making smoothie recipes with these types of other bug ingredients and abilities. For example, If you consume spider chunk (or a smoothie containing spider chunk) then immediately after consuming it your character moves quicker for the first half or quarter of the day. What brought me to this is that I have gotten pretty far and confident in this game and have a large surplus of spider chunks and Bombardier Parts now and not much to do with them. Just a thought. LOVING the game!
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