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  1. Yessir, got that on day two, lol. Been picking SCA.B's ever since. At this point I've exhausted the current content, the SCA.B's were just the last thing I had to wrap up. Thank again and I'll see you in the yard!
  2. Thanks @ossyahn but the problem persists regardless of terrain or biome. I've tried on flat dirt, on a flat stone, top of a log, etc... I'll keep trying, but the more I snoop, I've found a few people this is affecting. Thanks man.
  3. @The_Partisan_Spy Thanks man, glad to be here. Liking the content on Dossier, really spot on, really nice work there. Let's talk about the Textbook SCA.B... everyplace seems to have 2 listed up in the bird bath... most online lists have Hedgeberry and Textbook both up there. I started a new creative game and headed straight there and the one of the leaf is no more, and the one in the water is now Hedgeberry... from my poking around up there I have yet to find the Textbook SCA.B. EDIT: Textbook is in the water, under a leaf, behind the Battletoad. (Thanks to MagicFlynPotato)
  4. Greetings all, Late to the party, I know... but LOVING this game so far. Been out on SCA.B pickin runs, and snooping around online I've found 4 basic default themes and another 36 collectibles: Deafult 4: -SCA.B Classic -SCA.B Night -High Contrast -LCD Collectible 36 -Girthscape -Hot Dog Horror -Panfish -Punch-O -Gunmetal -Neomauve -Aerobics -Graystone -Hyperblaster -Sewage -SCA.B v.3.9 -The Sad Stab -Chubbs Series -Flying V -Lasercorp -SCA.B v.1.02 -Cyberstrike -Supreme -Textbook -Hedgeberry -SCA.B v.2.11 - SCA.B Bugged -Miterider
  5. One alternative is the "secret cave' in the Hedges. It's a great place for a smallish base or satellite base, in a natural cave. (Yes, I mean the cave with all the any heads on sticks and the human/ant effigy on the wall, and the Rotten Ant Club.) I managed to squeeze in a lean-to, workbench, smoothie maker, storage, lighting and more in that cave and aside from the creepy heads it's been safe thus far. Not underground per se, but a great safe spot to camp out in and in a decent spot.
  6. This is the one feature I was a bit bummed out about when I got into the game not long ago. I like the 4 kids, but none of them are "me". I understand that for lore/story's sake, maybe these 4 kids were chosen for a reason, or it can ONLY be these 4 kids, etc... stuff we may not know about yet. But yeah, I wish you could create your own avatar, even with the simplest of features/options. A huge +1 for this!
  7. Just got into the game a few weeks ago and loving it, as well as all the online content on YouTube, etc. Having a problem on PC Steam version, placing multiple foundation blocks... either clay or pebblet. I can place one, and stack it as high as I'd like, but I am unable to place any others... this applies to ramps and blocks, clay and pebble, in any of the 8 adjacent spaces. This is happening in my Survival game, as well as in a Creative game I started solely to test the foundations. I see all kinds of towns/cities built online and they all have floors/walls made of pebblet foundations, so
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